Common folding knives could soon be legal in NY

Brooklyn Daily Eagle – by Mary Frost

Someday soon, that folding knife you’ve carried around in your pocket for years might actually become legal.

Unbeknownst to many New Yorkers, common pocket knives of the type sold in Wal-Mart and in hardware stores are often classified by police as gravity knives, leading to the arrest of their hapless owners.  

Everyday pocket knives such as these will soon be legal, if Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs a bill that has passed the Assembly and now the Senate. Photo by Mary FrostNew York’s gravity knife law makes a blade illegal if it can be opened using gravity or centrifugal force (such as “flicking” the knife open). Almost any knife, with enough attempts, can eventually be flicked open in this way, however.

State Sen. Diane J. Savino (D-Brooklyn/Staten Island) and Assemblymember Dan Quart (D-Manhattan) announced on Wednesday that the Senate has passed what they referred to as “common-sense” gravity knife reform legislation.

The legislation will prevent the “needless arrest of thousands who use folding knives as tools,” the officials said in a release. The bill had previously passed the Assembly, and will now head to the Governor’s desk for signature.

The current law, which the officials called outdated, resulted in thousands of arrests of people possessing a common folding knife.

In the 10-year period between 2003 and 2013, roughly 60,000 people were arrested for carrying a common folding knife. Many of those arrested use knives in their work, officials said.

Last June, Bernard Perez, an electrician from Brooklyn, was arrested after an NYPD officer found a folding knife in his car, according to NBC New York. Perez said the arresting officer could not open the knife with one hand even though he made “approximately 15 efforts over the course of several minutes.” Perez, who uses the knife to strip wire while on the job, was awarded $57,000 after he sued the city.

“When it comes to the use of common folding knives, our working men and women are being senselessly targeted, for nothing more than doing their jobs,” Sen. Savino said.

Assemblymember Quart said the outdated knife law had unnecessarily sent thousands of New Yorkers through the criminal justice system.

He also noted that the Legislature affirmed that state laws should be enforced uniformly across the state. “If a knife is legal in Hamilton County, it should also be legal in New York County,” he said.

The bill would narrow the legal definitions of “switchblade knife” and “gravity knife” to ensure that the law’s original intent — to ban dangerous weapons — is upheld, while protecting the use of folding knives, the officials said.

6 thoughts on “Common folding knives could soon be legal in NY

  1. “In the 10-year period between 2003 and 2013, roughly 60,000 people were arrested for carrying a common folding knife.”

    The mammon extraction courts made a bundle on that INFRINGEMENT alone!

    “When it comes to the use of common folding knives, our working men and women are being senselessly targeted,…”

    It makes perfect sense… once you understand the Zionist NWO agenda.

    “Assemblymember Quart said the outdated knife law had unnecessarily sent thousands of New Yorkers through the MAMMON EXTRACTION system.”

    Misprint. All fixed.

    1. Both New York, and California (my Sacramento) need a flood of JURY NULLIFICATION by real Americans not the limp wristed judge lawless pushover cattle chute at downtown Sacramento’s Jury Duty Courthouse (it don’t deserve a proper title at this time!), even if someone just had the testicals to stand up and out loud callout a general strike until that TREASON and TRAITOR is arrested Hillary Clinton. Tainting jury pool after pool. I am telling you personally I can’t serve them. I simply can’t, they can start by turning over the closest hand gun so we both can go arrrest more TREASON otherwise I got no interest in these unconstitutional laws and constant applacation of them onto the people instead of arresting the REAL treason who exploits everything at this point. PICK a person/place to be arrested and processed. Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, on and on we can go. In fact I’ll even volunteer for the work. Cause right now the GOVERNMENT’s GUNS are POINTED AT THE PEOPLE! We can’t have lawless law–I just said I CAN’T SERVE IT. we need lawfull law. (poorly worded, i’m a tech not a grunt, that’s another problem all on it’s own, the WRONG people for the job since the JOB is now become an EMERGENCY– it’s what you get is what you got. a tech, but I can pick up a firearm to bring people in, but you if you got common sense do not want me to do that since that’s not my NORMAL job, so use me other places, but if need be at the end of the day if asked, I will go.)

      I know though the limp wristed (backed by the amplification of the limitless sold out corporate media) out there will say I am pipe dreaming, that it will never happen. Fine, but the day it DOES happen, is the day the limp wristed will be making a bee-line for a toilet while ******* themselves, while the rest of us CHEER ON, in the new LAWFULL paradigm. The alternative is a lawless starving (as in HUNGRY FOR FOOD) system spiraling down the toilet playing musical chairs (eleventh marble debt.) This TREASON must be ousted, ignoring it isn’t an option.

      I Have hrc’s SECRET document on MY stupid computer. It isn’t She has MY SECRET document from my tour in the USAF on HER stupid computer. you see?
      Think of me as the Lt who calls the enlisted in for trouble. I am calling for TREASON for HRC. you see?

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      That she didn’t learn analog and digital, transmitters and receivers, programming and hardware is not my fault.

      But I would even also say WHO the hell LET her even Have a Server? I want to hear about those people getting in trouble in addition to HRC.

      For me? Immunity goes out the window where TREASON is concerned. A guy running a few rackservers isn’t getting immunity if you ask me I am revoking it.

      otherwise this TREASON escapes in my OPINION.

      Meanwhile — if I ever do end up Seated on your Jury Pool for this KNIFE law I will nullify it. Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me Maybe all the JURORS should show up with POCKET KNIVES?

  2. Last year Texas passed what’s called the Texas switchblade ban, repeal. It largely went unnoticed , main problem with it is they left it open where individual municipalities can still enforce a switchblade ban, over riding state law.. Seems a bit strange to do that , makes knowing where you can lawfully carry a switchblade a bit iffy.

  3. Welcome to Jew York city, welcome to jeeww yourk city. Idk about y’all but I’m always packing a blade, ain’t no pocket rocket either.

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