Cop Caught On Video Holding Woman’s Head To Lit Stove, Breaking Her Nose

Counter Current News – by Jackson Marciana

A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputy was recently arraigned and charged with several felony counts that included setting fire to a domestic companion’s hair, threatening to murder her with his firearm and breaking her nose.

The allegations come from the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, which tells us that Deputy Alejandro Flores, 33, a Buena Park resident, was investigated and subsequently arrested by the local police department over a domestic violence incident on June 29th.  

Flores and the woman lived together, which makes the dispute a domestic violence crime. That means that Flores would be unable to be employed as an police officer in any capacity that would require him to carry a firearm. Federal law has, since 1997, prohibited the carrying or ownership of any firearm by someone with a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence conviction.

The two lived along with a child relative who was under the age of 2 at the time this incident occurred.

According to the police reports, the first incident transpired on October 22, 2014. That was when Flores allegedly hit “Jane Doe” – leading to her nose being broken.

Then things got worse when Flores argued with “Doe” regarding the child’s use of a pacifier.

He was so angry that he slammed her against the wall of their home, the District Attorney claims.

Deputy Flores followed by punching the woman on the top of the head, grabbing her neck and throwing her to the ground.

She tried to get away, but Flores dragged her into the kitchen, lit the gas stove and held her face to the burner, causing her hair to catch fire.

He then threatened her with a pistol, saying that if she reported this act of brutal domestic violence, he would murder her.

But the next day, she fled the house with her child and told two relatives about the incident.

They then called the Buena Park Police Department.

Flores was soon “relieved of duty” and placed on administrative leave, according to the Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Amber Smith.

Flores is charged with three felony counts of domestic battery with corporal injury as well as two felony counts of assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury.

In addition to this, he is facing a felony count of aggravated assault, dissuading a witness by force or threat, as well as false imprisonment by menace or violence with sentencing enhancement allegations for great bodily injury inflicted during domestic violence.

Watch the local report form CBS in Los Angeles…

5 thoughts on “Cop Caught On Video Holding Woman’s Head To Lit Stove, Breaking Her Nose

    1. These few cops that are being arrested lately are to little to late, are just greasing the skids to keep the baffled. You can bet when the fat lady sings that these walking piles of garbage with get next to nothing ,if anything at all!

  1. Why anyone would want to be with one of these gestapo thugs is beyond me. I hope the child takes after his mother when he grows up.

    1. Cop tests weed out & DQ people who score “too high” on their basic entry exams.

      The goal is to avoid self thinkers and find only the brainless bodies that will mindlessly follow orders.

  2. My ex decided she liked cops, lol… I wonder how this behavior is any different than the training he’s received for how to treat us. Is this not exactly how he was trained?

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