Cop Shoots at Unarmed Man Because He Pointed his Finger in a ‘Gun Gesture’

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Salem, NH — It’s entirely bad enough that pointing a finger like a gun will get children suspended from school. However, in police state USA, this hand gesture now appears to be punishable by death.

In a true show of paranoid trigger happiness, a Salem police officer fired on an unarmed man because he allegedly turned quickly toward them with his hands pointed in a “gun gesture.”  

Instead of apologizing for nearly killing him, police then arrested 31-year-old Raymond Shawdee and charged him with criminal threatening and reckless conduct.

On Tuesday, police were called to the Phantom Crossfit gym by a Liberty Utilities worker who claimed the gym owner was threatening him with a gun for attempting to shut off his power.

According to WMUR,

The utility company said the gym owner was armed with a gun and told the worker that “he would do what he had to do to keep the power on,” police said.

Police set up a perimeter and restricted traffic on North Broadway. Police said the gym owner obeyed orders to go outside, but another man left the building and didn’t obey police orders.

That “other man” was Shawdee, who was completely uninvolved in the order, until police began to harass him.

As Shawdee was merely trying to get in his car to leave, police began barking orders at him. It’s at this point, police claim, that Shawdee quickly turned and pointed his finger at police. During this “quick” turn around, one of the officers managed to pull out his pistol and fire at Shawdee.

The officer was 35 yards away from the Shawdee when he claimed to see him point his finger. Amazingly enough, none of the other cops felt the need to fire.

“It was some poor decisions made by the person who was not carrying the gun to turn around and act as if he was and forcing our officers to take the actions that they took,” Lt. Joel Dolan said. “This could’ve had horrible consequences.”

Dolan is correct, this could have ended terribly. Had the bullet actually struck Shawdee, he would be dead because of some trigger happy cop. Luckily, the trigger happy cop was a terrible shot.

Despite not being killed, this story does have a horrible ending for Shawdee. After being shot at by police, he was kidnapped and locked in a cage, and is currently being held on a $5,000 bond.


6 thoughts on “Cop Shoots at Unarmed Man Because He Pointed his Finger in a ‘Gun Gesture’

  1. “It’s at this point, police claim, that Shawdee quickly turned and pointed his finger at police.”

    IF true (big IF), the guy either had a death wish, or he never watches or reads the news.

    1. Probably the db that says he’s never had anything but “good” encounters with pigs and believes they exist to protect and to serve but found out he was wrong? Haha Dumba$$. He’ll probably make a bigger donation to fop or gop to help “protect and serve” himself some more. What a meat head.

      1. He served his purpose…

        “… he was kidnapped and locked in a cage, and is currently being held on a $5,000 bond.”

        Mammon extraction.

        1. Absolutely. He never saw himself as a cash cow so he could never believe someone else could see him as one. It always happens to everyone else but never YOU. Last thing that hits your brain before the .40acp hits while kneeling at the ditch.

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