Cops Brutalize Man For Defying Corona Curfew in California

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

A gang of around one dozen police officers were filmed brutally assaulting a California man for casually standing on the street in defiance of Governor Gavin Newsom’s new statewide corona curfew.

Video of the incident went viral Monday on social media:

Though police stood down throughout the country as Black Lives Matter rioted in the streets, they showed no similar hesitancy when it came to brutalizing this random White guy for the crime of peacefully standing around.

If he was dressed in all-black and “mourning” the death of some thug by throwing a brick through the window of a local small business these same cops would be taking a knee.

Before Newsom instituted this vicious second lockdown, a host of California lawmakers fled the state to party with lobbyists in Maui.

Newsom himself was caught defying corona restrictions earlier this month to party with a bunch of lobbyists at a ritzy restaurant in Napa where they racked up a $15,000 bill.

Remember this incident next time someone tells you we need to uncritically “Back the Blue.”

Information Liberation

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