Cops Say ‘It’s Not Fair’ They Were Forced To Resign After Being Busted For Sexual Abuse of a Minor

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Counter Current News – by Moreh B.D.K. and Jackson Marciana

They were arrested for sexual abuse involving a minor, but now former Aledo Police Officer Steven Bonynge says that he was treated unfairly by being forced to resign.  

Officers Bonynge, 32, and Seth Degelman, 30, had been investigated by the Aledo Police Department after they received a complaint about their sexual abuse of a juvenile. That’s according to Aledo Police Chief J. Michael Sponsler who spoke with reporters from local WQAD 8.

The Chief pointed us to a statement released from attorney Blaise Rogers of Gullbert, Box & Worby, LLC, who said he represents Bonynge. It said that the victim was “slightly under the age of 17.” In other words, she was 16.

But Steven Bonynge later seemed to want to distance himself from the case, saying, “I am not his sole attorney. I am just the messenger. William K. Gullberg and Kyle J. Worby are the partners working on the case as well.”

Bonynge found himself slapped with a class 2 felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse, meaning that he used a weapon in the commission of the assault.

Former Officer Degelman, for his part, was charged with class 3 felony. That charge was indecent solicitation and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. Again, the “aggravated” bit means he used a weapon in the commission of the crime.

Both officers resigned their positions, Aledo Mayor Chris Hagloch said.

Rogers, the officer’s attorney, said that Bonynge’s resignation was “a direct result of administrative mismanagement by the Aledo Police Department, a reckless disregard for his personal and professional integrity, as well as his rights in the criminal justice system.”

“The accusations do not include the use of force, threat, intimidation, or coercion,” he continued.

Bonynge now claims that he was “being forced out.” He adds that his “resignation is involuntary,” claiming that his arrest and treatment “has been unconscionable.”

Are you crying a river for him yet?

He’s not done. The copy of the resignation letter provided by Rogers, continues the sob story, saying: “I am innocent of this criminal charge but it appears that I have already been convicted by my superiors.”

“Resigning for these reasons is discouraging but, given the circumstances I was put in, I do not have any choice,” the former cop adds.  “I know I will not have the opportunity to be rehired or to continue my employment by the Aledo Police Department, but I would like to say that I have performed my duty faithfully and I have nothing but the utmost respect for the residents of Aledo and Mercer County.”

(Article by Moreh B.D.K. and Jackson Marciana)

5 thoughts on “Cops Say ‘It’s Not Fair’ They Were Forced To Resign After Being Busted For Sexual Abuse of a Minor

  1. It just goes to show how stinking pig bastards think they’re above the law, and that’s because to a large extent, they are above the law.

    If not for the brainwashed morons whose lives are dictated by TV content, we would have been rid of these goons long ago.

    Keep staring into the TV, you dolt. You’re just as brainwashed as any one of the shaved-head Hare Krishnas that used to panhandle money at airports to enrich their masters. Of, course, you’ll never believe that you’re so completely brainwashed that you can’t even think for yourself without consulting the TV for guidance, and the Hare Krishna fool will tell you that he’s “enlightened” too.

    Go ahead and smash the TV. You can’t do it because it owns you. You can’t even imagine life without that stupid box telling you how and what to think…. and what to think about.

  2. I agree with him. Normally when a police officer does such it is just a laughing matter kept in the police department. I had a cop stalk me for some time and make homosexual advances. Before fleeing America. Far as I know they did nothing about such as a cop. So why pick on this officer. Is that not standard procedure in America. Just let there police do any thing they want to the citizen and look the other way about all they as police do?

  3. Happens here in our county, too. Except when I went to the sheriff, he said the girl was probably better off. I said WTF, He broke the law, arrest him. I said if you do I’ll give you the names of the witnesses.( Nearly the girls whole class in high school). Instead he hired him to be a deputy. Ain’t life grand when you’re a badged pig? F ’em.

  4. when the shit hits the fan these types will be extremely dangerous..just slightly more dangerous then they are right now (sarc).. and its already too risky as it is

    As it sits right now one is safe , wont get any better bank on it

    1. “when the shit hits the fan these types will be extremely dangerous…”

      To anything they’re NOT aiming at… LOL.

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