Cops Search Woman’s Home Without A Warrant, Beat Her When She Asks Why

Information Liberation – by Chris

Two Massachusetts cops beat a woman who questioned them why they searched her home without a warrant, then charged her for assault and battery, assault on an officer, and resisting arrest. The officers said in their report they felt threatened because she was holding a fork while questioning them. One of the officers claimed he was grazed by it during his gangland style assault. After her video of the scuffle was viewed by prosecutors, they dropped all charges. Nonetheless, the police chief said his officers’ actions were “justified” and failed to perform even a cursory self-investigation.

6 thoughts on “Cops Search Woman’s Home Without A Warrant, Beat Her When She Asks Why

  1. How sad she is just learning now, I guess she doesnt use the internet for learning. For years reports of police violence is here and there and everywhere not to mention all the cop watch organizations that have formed and the work they are doing.

    Wake up America its obvious we have a police state.

  2. Well this is why cops need to be held at bay with a shotgun until they produce a warrant for you to read. If they can’t do that, they’re just another gang of criminals trying to break into your home and kill you.

    This was only shown on TV to make people fear the police. To most people here it will only spark outrage, but most citizens will change their behavior around cops to avoid having this happen to them. (they’ll surrender their constitutional rights out of fear)

    What’s not addressed in the video is why these cops behave like cowardly punks threatening and beating a woman who posed no threat to them whatsoever. These pigs are pathetic little punks who feel tough because the two “men” ganged up to beat a woman, and it’s going to be very rewarding to see them get what they deserve. (and I’m not talking about the lawsuit)

    1. Great point Jolly Roger.”This was only shown on TV to make people fear the police.” I never thought about it like this. Like you said, here it will evoke outrage. I sure hope it starts to do the same for the average American, instead of causing them to fear the cops.

  3. She should contact Stewert Rhodes and the Oathkeeper’s.
    I’ve heard that their organization defends citizens of our Republic
    against these types of oathbreaking thugs.

  4. You mean you’re just figuring out now that you’re supposed to fear the communist cops sister?

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