Kerry Munster: Needs a Caption


Someone somewhere made a remark that Kerry looked like Herman Munster, so I put this image together. Caption contest?

26 thoughts on “Kerry Munster: Needs a Caption

  1. “I got this job because, like the rest of the administration I have no idea what I’m doing.”

    Or “for my next trick watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat”.

  2. My Fellow Americans:

    Hahahahhaahahaha,…. thats a great picture of John Kerry in his natural setting!

    Hhmmmmm,.. a caption:

    “YES O’ Israel!,… I hear,.. and I obey!”

    “I willl do Israel’s biding,.. I will do Israel’s bidding,… I will do Israel’s bidding,… I will do Israel’s bidding….”

    “Treason is patriotism,…. Love is killing,….. Israel is our friend,….. War is peace,…… Freedom is slavery,….. Ignorance is strength!,……. Treason is patriotism,…. Love is killing,………………………..”

    “Introducing – John Kerry’s New Radio Show!,… Why labotomies are good for you!”

    “John Kerry relaxing in the basement of Kerrystein Castle – Jamming out on some In Godda Divita”

  3. Tourette syndrome: (plausible deniability)

    Today in Israel “a-part-tried” “a-part-fried” “a-part-tied”

    I would only take this moment to say one thing. I don’t hate the Jews living in Israel. I hate the GOVERNMENT of ISRAEL. So it’s easy to get tricked into saying something which can later be spun and quoted as anti-semetic. But getting past that old (and it is OLD now) trick and looking to the way the Russians don’t hate the American People, they hate our government.

    The nasty little joke is anyone could have seen all this coming if they just read that article over at LandDestroyer. I think it was called, who controls your government but I digress. Anyone would have seen the dots connected to NED, FreedomHouse, and all the rest of the acronyms four years ago! While it might be a task to track down individual ngo’s, the state dept’s problem, is that if LD knows, and I knows, and you knows, certainly the country where their operations are active knows. And this would have been at least four years back — for me.. So while I was surprised at the 5 billion spent to cause havok in Ukrane, I wasn’t surprised that they spent something. But now I have it tied back to PayPal. And so ebay/paypal/amazon is on thin ice. I just have to say if that goes, I don’t really see any point of having an ISP, and since I already have kit ready to run an open mesh, that’s my path. I’ll be the tech like the obamacare doctor who shut the doors because of the EHR crap.

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