12 thoughts on “Cops TASER Deaf Woman That Called For Help! Lock Her Up & Refuse To Get Her A Interpreter For 3 Days

  1. Once again the cops made a mistake. How many mistakes can you make and expect nothing is done about the mistakes. This was wrong any way you look at it. No excuses. Just like me or you in the court room – like the judge always says you make a mistake, you brake the law, you pay for it! Mistakes are mistakes regardless – anyway you look at it, and they have got to pay for it and they should have to pay – good and hard – no excuses any more!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO EXCUSES FOR BAD COP BEHAVIOR – LIKE THEY ALWAYS TOLD ME. AVOIDABLE OR NOT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR MISTAKES – PERIOD, FINAL, BOTTOM LINE!!! They kew she was deaf! Them F#$%ERS.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, diggerdan.
      Every day it seems to be getting worse. Cops need to learn that they are Not Above the Law.

  2. Thankyou Angel-NYC. I have got to go out back and cut some fire wood for the winter Now would be a good time so I don`t do a un called for rant on this one. See ya`ll in a few. Thanks guys.

  3. Ok, once again, a cop who was probably twice the size as this woman simply cannot restrain her without the use of a tazer? Once again, I have to ask, “WHAT DO THEY TEACH THESE OFFICERS AT THE POLICE ACADEMY?” Use your tazer for everything? I mean, they knew she was deaf and she was waving her hands around. (Of course to him, they probably thought she was a mad woman raising her hands around as she walked out the door and that’s why he did it and probably didn’t get the message that the woman would be coming out of the front door in time) But come on. Did she really look like a threat to be tazed? I mean use your SELF-DEFENSE training officers. She’s a woman and the policeman was a man. Is he that weak that he can’t restrain a woman with his bare hands? There’s no need for the use of a tazer for every little thing. I cannot tell you how lazy these officers have gotten at restraining people with their own two hands. It’s become to the point where they are standing and eating one jelly donut in their one hand, while pointing and tazering someone with their other hand. It’s ridiculous. Whoever is training these people ought to be expelled from the police force permanently. I mean it will eventually get to the point (if it has not already) where the cops will get so used to having their tazer to do all the restraining, that when they don’t have a tazer, they won’t know what to do anymore and will get the Sh*T beat out of them because of it and maybe after that, they will wonder why they were never taught to use their hands and feet to defend themselves or restrain someone. But anyways, that’s what they’ll get for putting all of their eggs in their one-size fits all basket.

    1. Yea, NC. They never use to have tazers and pepper spray – just their bone breakers, billy clubs, tear gas, ect. ect. I guess they think it is great fun to see someone doing the flop `cause they got tazed. Their time is coming and it can`t come soon enough for me. Why don`t ya ever hear of somebody of the likes of Jessie Ventura ever getting tazed or some pillar of society getting tazed. I cannot remember the last time of that happening. Has that boy Justin Bieber ever get tazed for his antics? I hope I spell their names right, – my spelling has always been lousy.

      1. Who cares about spelling Justin Beiber’s name right. I call him Justine Beanie Baby Beiber because he sings like a girl and acts like a girl. He’s a joke.

        1. hahaha lol No doubt NC, I sure am glad I never had to put up with that stuff like that justin b. kid. hahaha. Boy George was enough!! He is a joke isn`t he. must be a generation gap – eh? lol.

    1. Sue? Have you forgotten where you live? This ain’t the Old Republic anymore, where you can sue anyone for anything and get rich off it like in the 90’s. Especially in a police state. These guys are untouchable, according to the judicial system led by Holder and their “National Security” excuses for everything. The only way she’ll get money off it is by holding a sign saying, “I can teach you how to give the middle finger to a police officer in easy sign language for a $1”.

    1. Haha! I miss that classic lawsuit. (Sigh!) Those were the days……Nothing like waking up to spilt McDonald’s coffee to start your morning with a fresh lawsuit.

      For nostalgic purposes, let’s all sing according to the Folgers song, “The best part of waking up, is spilt McDonald’s coffee in your cup!”

    2. I just had some other good people over and they seen what happened and they basicaly got sick. ya see – these are anti establishmentary type people – old fashion patriots you may call them – and they do not associate much on that level. They could never understand why people have to act the way that the goyim cops act- as they call them and I am kind of trying to let them see what`s happenin`. They don`t even believe in phones since they got tapped a long time ago and never forgot about it. Theye just say ” what can you expecte from the cops other than abuse and encarceration. And ya know what – they are right. These are crazy mountain men that don`t like society as it is now days and I got to agree with them. They will say a prayer for this deaf lady as they said they will. By the way they said ” this is what guns are for. And that is why they are like they are. They also said ” it is better to rule by trust than by force” Words of wisdom from the old mountain men that they are.

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