Israelis Grasping at Invasion Straws

It is being reported that Israel is strengthening its missile defense shield in preparation for the Iranian missiles that it expects to receive as a consequence of its upcoming invasion into Persia.  Truth be known, it is the US taxpayer that is strengthening the Israeli defense shield as surely as it was the US taxpayer that paid to send the Patriot missiles to Israel prior to the 2003 US invasion into Iraq.

The Zionist Israeli frustration over delays in their Middle East conquest are beginning to show, as the truth behind Zionism is revealed more every day via the internet.  The dual citizen Israeli-American Zionists operating within the US government are likewise being forced to show their true intent in that their loyalties lie with Zion and not the American people, whom they are anxious to sacrifice to their bloodthirsty god.

The mainstream propagandists no longer have a hold on the minds of we the people, as a majority of us know that 9/11 was a deliberate false flag act designed specifically to accommodate the capture of Iraq for the Israeli Zionists.  And now, using their wealth accumulated through that invasion in the form of an oil pipeline from Iraq to Israel, they will attempt further invasion and capture of Middle East resources.

This is indeed the same technique that has been used by the Zionist elite since time immemorial.  Here in the United States, once a beachhead was established, the conquered land and its resources were immediately put to the task of further conquest, (Manifest Destiny).  Look at Palestine, conquest fueled by the spoils of conquest.

The internet may very well be the implement sent from God to save us as it is breaking the stranglehold the Zionist propagandists have held on our minds for far too long.  We have identified the problem, international Zionism, and now are formulating solutions to the problem, dispelling the notion that pro-United States automatically equates with anti-defamation, as it has become clear that the interests of Israel are the destruction of the people of the United States.

We have declared that we will not be reduced to the goyim property of the Zionists.  We have seen this evil group for what it is and realize that we possess the power and morality to remove it as the cancer upon humanity that it has become and in reality has always been.

God help us to soldier on in your service.

7 thoughts on “Israelis Grasping at Invasion Straws

  1. It’s looking more and more like the invasion won’t begin until after the FFTA on the Olympics is perpetrated. I am still certain this will occur, but probably not until the closing ceremonies now, as they apparently wish to squeeze every last dime out of the tourists before they do so.
    Then they will blame Iran, and the fireworks begin.

  2. Keep up the great work and code breaking. I dont disagree NWO, not in the least, but I dont think this was the original plan and it isnt quite solid enough, Syria is proving to be way to hard a nut to crack! The fear level isnt at the level of post 9/11 despite a few “Gun Massacres” here in the USA and these poltricktions cant seem to close on any sale internationally or domestically! these alternative news portals have definitely awaken a great many of our fellow country men. It will be interesting to see now what the dead enders will do! start a very unpopular war for far less than popular leaches i.e. zionists and occupied palestine, then what of these sham elections on the way, NO AMERICAN BLACK WHITE GRIZZLY OR GREY will vote for flip or barry. When they win I dont think we the under-employed will wanna stomach another quadrineal reaming!
    If at first amendment you arent heard and cant succeed, there is always the second amendment that guarantees WE The People can try and try again!!!!

  3. Henry and the rest of you have to check out this story and get the word out. It shows over 100 US tanks and APCs on a train line being transported like an assembly line to Burbanks, CA with pedestrians standing by and watching in amazement. It’s sickening.

  4. SON OF A B#TCH! I didn’t think I’d have to leave town anywhere near this soon! This is REALLY BAD NEWS.

    Thanks for the heads up. NC

    1. Read JD’s analysis on it on the comments section of the “Obama threatens Senate with cybersecurity executive order” article of this site. He may shed some light on it for ya.

    2. If you check out the location of West Coast Janitorial Supplies (as shown on the sign of the building in the video at the end) in relation to Lockheed Martin and the West Coast on google maps, the train line is pretty much heading in the same direction towards Lockheed Martin and the West Coast if you follow the line.

  5. For the unbeliever’s out there, notice that those tanks aren’t painted for desert operations as they would have to be if headed to the Middle East.

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