Couple say CPS told them to get divorce if they want kids back

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HOUSTON (FOX 26) -“Dad and Mom is the world to them when they see dad they’re like where’s mom when they see me they’re like where is dad,” said Shmarian Jackson said.

Jackson can’t help but tear up when she thinks about the last 8 months without her three little girls living at home.  

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“I don’t really like to talk about it hurts,” Jackson said while fighting back tears.

The Jackson’s admit the fight that brought CPS to their Montgomery home last summer was a bad one.

“She was holding a knife in her hand and I tried to take it away from her,” said Raquel Jackson.

Raquel Jackson says he got accidentally stabbed and his wife Shmarian got a domestic violence charge that was later dismissed.

The couple says they’ve both done everything CPS has asked them to do, parenting classes therapy.

But they say CPS is asking them to do something they don’t want to do.

“In order for me to get them back I have to basically get a divorce,” Shmarian Jackson said a CPS supervisor told her.

A CPS spokesperson denies that telling Fox 26 the state agency would never tell a parent they had to divorce in order to have their children returned to them.

But the heartbroken mother is adamant that’s what the CPS supervisor told her and she says her attorney also heard the supervisors unusual demand.

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4 thoughts on “Couple say CPS told them to get divorce if they want kids back

  1. I am going to say this one thing..some people might not get it..some might

    CPS cant tell the kids what to do!….there I said it

    The courts cant tell a minor what to do when it comes to custody, and neither can CPS..

    If the kids got any balls, the kid will run the show

    Just ask my daughter, Im Male and got sole custody of her at age 5, they tried to force supervised visitation on her with her Mother (egg donor) ..the kid put an end to it just with how she refused to be in the same room with her mom.
    later the courts got tired of it, and could not force the child to do anything..(went on for months so be patient)Yes the court can try to force the parents or the adults ( if there are any adults acting like adults).but they have no will or ability to force a kid against their will, they don’t want to be seen as ogres, like they are..its embarrassing and it shows how ugly they really are , so they back least they did in my kids case

  2. If these two did get divorced..CPS would just say that the other individual cannot be in the care or vicinity of the other person..and all they would have to show for their trouble would be a divorce certificate ..
    Trust me.. they play dirty, don’t trust a dam thing these pukes say or tell you to do..

    shoulda already schooled your kids on who the “Strangers” are, and what dangers they present to them and their family..

    school your kids on who the CPS really is, and what they and the courts are really about..Teach em young me you wont regret it, and neither will they

  3. they’re lucky their kids weren’t snatched up, sold off, and god knows what done to them. once they leave your care the state can do as they please. they’ve probably had their hep b and Gardasil shots by now. and you hope whoever they’ve been placed with isn’t a pedo or into the occult. these parents need to pray not only now but when they return. look for any signs, pay attention to any changes. this is the cleaned up version of what I know.

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