Crazed House ranter: ‘God made me do it’

Crazed House ranter: ‘God made me do it’New York Post – by Jeane MacIntosh

The Holy Spirit made her do it.

The court scribe who went on a crazed rant about the Constitution, religion and Freemasons after Wednesday’s vote to reopen the government said God spent the shutdown urging her to speak her mind.  

“For the past 2 and ½ weeks, the Holy Spirit has been waking me up in the middle of the night and preparing me (through my reluctance and doubt) to deliver a message in the House Chamber,” stenographer Dianne Foster Reidy told Fox News’ Chad Pergram in a statement.

“That is what I did last night.”

Reidy, 48, was hauled from the chamber and taken to the hospital by Capitol Police after delivering her bizarre diatribe from a microphone near  the speaker’s chair.

“He will not be mocked. He will not be mocked – don’t touch me – he will not be mocked,” Reidy shouted as stunned lawmakers tried to calm her and pull her away from the podium.

“The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God.  It never was…the Constitution would not have been written by the Freemasons. They go against God,” Reidy said.

“You cannot serve two masters!’

Reidy, a married mom of two young daughters who makes $126,050 a year at her House steno gig, is a fan of several Christian-oriented groups, including the evangelical In Touch Ministries, led by TV preacher Charles Stanley, according to her Facebook profile.

Reidy grew up on Long Island – where she registered to vote in 1991 as a member of the Liberal Party, records show.

A family photograph taken from Dianne Foster Reidy’s FacebookPhoto: Facebook  ->

Her husband – a video company owner and former director of the far-right  Great Commission Ministries International – defended his wife’s public outburst.

“My wife is a sweet, level-headed wonderful woman of God,” he told Pergram.

“I am proud of her.”

12 thoughts on “Crazed House ranter: ‘God made me do it’

  1. Diane Reidy, you have my total respect!!!!
    I know it wasn’t satan that made you do it, satan will not expose his own children. Not the way you did last night.
    It was nice to see the truth, for once, in this House of Whores.
    Diane, I wish you nothing but the best!!!!

  2. “Crazed House ranter: ‘God made me do it’”

    Beg to differ.

    It was those she was speaking to who are the crazed ones.

  3. This is an ignorant woman used by others to wrongly denounce representative Constitutional government, the only kind of government worth living under. Obama and cronies would love to do away with Consitutional government don’t you think? Watch for more outbursts like this coming from retards . encouraged by others, to attack and denounce the Constitutional Republic .

    In fact our Founding Fathers were Freemasons but Freemasonry in America from 1730 to 1813 was a Christian organization. From 1730 to 1813 in America one could not join Freemasonry if one were not a Chistian.
    Our Constitution and the Declaration of Independence were indeed written by Christians, under God. Our very form of government comes straight from the Bible. All of our laws came straight from the Bible. (This all changed in the 1960s of course).

    for confirmation of dates of Christian Freemasonry:

    “In its religious spirit Anglo-Saxon Masonry after 1730 undoubtedly retrograded towards biblical Christian orthodoxy. [62] This movement is attested by the Christianization of the rituals and by the popularity of the works of Hutchinson, Preston, and Oliver with Anglo-American Masons…..

    (then Freemasonry was ‘reformed’)

    The reform brought by the articles of union between the two Grand Lodges of England (1 December, 1813) consisted above all in the restoration of the unsectarian character, in accordance with which all allusions to a particular (Christian) religion must be omitted in lodge proceedings. It was further decreed “there shall be the most perfect unity of obligation of discipline,
    or working . . . according to the genuine landmarks, laws and traditions .. throughout the masonic world…….”


      SERIOUSLY, DUDE??? Christian Masons? No such thing.

      Not then, not now, not EVER.

      1. I like to remind people who was at the helm when the first chartered ponzi bank was implemented. None other than Mason Washington. Yes, he spoke many truths, but so did Wilson.

        Jefferson was key in establishment our Constitution, adding balance to the Rothschild Federalists. They are quite fond of the term Federal.

        Freemasonry purports to be free of specific religion requirements, only that you believe in a higher power or “great architect”. At the same time, it claims Solomon was the first grandmaster. Seems the Masons are speaking out of both sides of their mouths.

        Truth is, at the top, they know the origins of religion and have corrupted it for power and greed. Has been going on for a very long time.

        1. What I DO know is better than to believe the lies written in the so-called ‘history’ books. I’m very much into revisionist history, or the truth, in other words.

          I followed your link, only to find that your source is the Catholic encyclopedia, which was the reason I was laughing so hard. The Catholic church is about as credible as the Zionists are. It’s estimated they’ve murdered over 50 million TRUE Christians since their inception. They used to burn the TRUE Christians at the stake, with the Scriptures they were caught with tied around their necks.

          I’ve read the entire tome “The Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” by Albert Pike.
          As SamAdams stated, all religions are embraced by the Masons but the lower degrees have absolutely no clue as to what masonry is really about. However, the highest degrees worship Satan as their god. In Morals and Dogma, Pike states unequivocably that they worship Lucifer, the morning light.

          You’re likely one of those who still believes that Hitler killed 6 million ‘jews’, and that Osama bin Had was the mastermind behind 9/11 (AND was just killed by Navy Seals in 2011), and that Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and that Anna Nicole Smith married for love.

          There is no substitute for the red pill.

          1. It is the Catholic and JudeoChristians (like this woman in the video) who keep spouting this garbage about the FF not being Christian, That is precisely why I used this specific Catholic reference book ,to shut them up. There are other non-Catholic reference books available to confirm this information.
            I too study revisionist history.
            Between 1730 and 1813 the Freemasons in America were Christian.

            Albert Pike dates way after 1813 when Freemasonry had reverted back to a Luciferian club. If you actually read the link I posted you would see that clearly stated. By the way, Pike was paid to write that book.
            Guess what happened around 1813 to change the nature of American
            Freemasonry? The Jesuits were
            reconstituted as an Order.

          2. evergreen,
            You need to keep the discussion on track here. The Freemasons in America between 1730 and 1813 may have been Christians, but the premier masonic manipulator during the writing of the founding documents was Benjamin Franklin, who was a prominent member of the Hellfire Club,, and I don’t think that was a Christian organization.
            Warning number two: Stop attacking this woman who had the courage to sacrifice her career in telling the truth.

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