3 thoughts on “Crime: Activism…Punishment: Uhmerica

    1. No need to thank me Hal, but you’re most welcome.

      I went through the same shit as Bill Bunting in 2011. The Love of my life, Penny from British Columbia, Canada had been down here in California for a couple of months. We went back to Canada so she could take care of some business and entered on 9/11/2011. We / I got hauled into the Canadian border office. I was grilled like a fish, but they let me in.

      10 days later, upon re-entering America, we were hauled again back into the DHS / border office. We were both grilled and grilled insanely. We weren’t beaten, BUT, they took my Gal into an office, palm-finger printed her, and took her mug shot. They denied her re-entry to America. Neither of us had so much as a parking ticket in over 30 years. We were in her car. So . . .

      US Border patrol / DHS sent her back to Canada and kicked my ass to the curb. I walked carrying 3 bags of my stuff ( had to leave some things in her car ) from the US / Canadian border to the Sumas City Hall and begged for bus directions to the nearest Greyhound Station, which was Bellingham, WA. I sat for 3 hours across the City Hall waiting for the first bus, not knowing if the directions I’d received were accurate, and was totally unfamiliar with the area. 4.5 hours after, thank God, I was at the Bellingham Greyhound Bus station, and 27 hours after that a neighbor picked me up in Oakland, CA to bring me home to San Leandro, CA. Thus, I’ve lived through what Bill went through . . .

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