5 thoughts on “Jade Helm???? Near Walterboro South Carolina

  1. I am not concerned about this.
    Thursday afternoon I saw 2 groups of about 20 military vehicles traveling west bound on I 90 between Ritzville WA and Moses Lake Washington. I would guess they were heading to the Moses Lake air base for training.
    The only thing that has me puzzled is the 2-1/2 ton trucks were of the cab over engine design. Did the military go away from the engine forward design that we are familiar with in the older military movies?

    1. Yup.
      And getting a surplus one of the new types is tough. The government shut down the auctions last year. Thats why ammo cans are going in used condition for 12-15FRNs.

      I dont think they are AMgeneral anymore either.
      Now im curious

  2. Looks like National Guard Weekend Warriors to me. They still train “one weekend per month, two weeks per year”. Not everything is the government coming to get you…..yet 😉

  3. These few vehicles can be taken out with small arms fire. What concerns me are the Tanks and armored cars that being moved and parked for “later use”. 1) Where are they being staged. 2) Who is going to crew them? 3) Where are they storing the fuel and ammunition? 4) Who is guarding them? 5) What types of armored cars, tanks and utility vehicles are patriots going to have to deal with? It’s too bad we’re not organized enough to take these tanks and vehicles now.

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