Cruz: US Built On Christian Values, Anyone Who Says Different Is ‘Lying’

Breitbart – by Kristin Tate

HOUSTON, Texas — Speaking at the  Values Voters Summit, put on by the Family Research Council, Texas Senator Ted Cruz gave a passionate speech about religious liberty and faith. Invoking personal stories from his own life, the senator highlighted the power of hope in the darkest of times.

“Our values are fundamentally American,” Cruz told the audience. “This country remains a country built on…Christian values. And anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.”

Cruz spoke about his own father, whose life was drastically changed by the power of faith. 

Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, was taken captive in Cuba as a teenager. He was wearing a white suit at the time. The Senator said, “My father had been put in a Cuban prison and tortured. Tortured, hour after hour. My grandmother told me, when she saw my father again, [on] that white suit you could not see a spot of white anywhere on it. It was covered with mud and blood, and his teeth were dangling from his mouth. And yet even when he was in that Cuban jail, God with with him…God’s hand brought him from captivity to freedom. God’s grace brought him to the United States of America.”

Later in life, when Cruz was a young boy living in the U.S., both of his parents had “serious problems with alcohol. When I was three my father decided he that didn’t want to be married anymore and that he didn’t want a son.”

Consequently, Cruz’s father left him and his mother in Calgary and moved to Houston. “While in Houston, [my father] got invited to Clay Road baptist church,” Cruz said. While there, his father “gave his life to Jesus.” He then bought an airplane ticket and flew back to Calgary to rejoin his son and wife.

Cruz reflected, “So when anyone asks, ‘Is faith real, is a relationship with Jesus real? I tell them if it were not for my father finding Christ, I would have been raised by a single mother.”

Shifting gears and speaking on broader terms, the Texas senator then asserted that Americans must have hope for the future of their country. He said, “God is present in the darkest corners…We need a president who will speak up for people of faith.”

Cruz called the modern Democratic party “extreme, radical[s]” for targeting groups of faith. He spoke about Little Sisters of the Poor–the Obama Administration is attempting to force the group to fund abortion. “If you’re suing nuns, you’ve done something really wrong,” Cruz quipped.

Contrasting the Democrats, Cruz told the audience that their ideals, built on faith and hope, can offer a better road to freedom in the United States. He said, “We stand for life, we stand for marriage, we stand for Israel, we bring back jobs and opportunity and…make it easier for people to achieve the American dream, we abolish the IRS, we repeal common core.”

The essence of Cruz’s intimate speech could be summed up in one line, which came towards the end of his remarks. He declared, “I’m optimistic becauase I am convinced that God isn’t done with America yet.”

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9 thoughts on “Cruz: US Built On Christian Values, Anyone Who Says Different Is ‘Lying’

  1. ““Our values are fundamentally American,” Cruz told the audience. “This country remains a country built on…Christian values. And anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.””

    And I’m sure Cruz also wanted to add,

    “Remember, if you’re not for the Jews, you’re not American.” 😉

    I’m waiting to hang this treasonous piece of garbage.

    1. Mr. Rogers: Hello boys and girls. Let’s play a game. What word means “evil, warmongering, money counters”….and rhymes with Cruz?
      Johnny: JEWS!
      Mr. Rogers: That correct Johnny….you get an A.

  2. just recently he was going on about supporting Israel and when he was booed off the stage he said “if u don’t stand with Israel and the jews, then I don’t stand with you”.

  3. Cruz in one breath talks about Christian values and how it built America but in his next breath he wants to steal your social security money that you worked all your life for just when it’s time to collect.

  4. Cruz, what a slime ball. His think tanks told him to go out and pull on the “church strings”. He’s an “Israeli Firster” and has sold his country down the river to the Zionist joo boys. If TPTB want him to be the next POTUS, they’ll just use an Executive Dictate signed by our “Traitor In Chief” to Amend the Constitution. These traitors are beyond any laws or voting results. We all know what needs to be done.

  5. He should become a televangelist…Maybe he can work with john hagee. I hear there is much money to be made. He is a shame to the name of Christ, he is a pharisee. May God smite the enemies of those who truly love the creation you made in freedom, truth and liberty. May you bless those that are strong in your word, may you quicken our minds, and help us realize how much potential we have thru your creation. May you take the brainwashing from our minds completely and truly show us that we will win in victory. Yea, thou I walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. Bless His Holy name. Amen.

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