Dashcam Refutes Cop’s Story of “Fearing for His Life,” Shows Him Taser Man for Parking Ticket

The Free Thought Project – by Andrew Emett

Kansas City, MO — After getting arrested and tased over a simple parking ticket, a store clerk has filed a lawsuit against the officer who used excessive force against him. Although the officer claimed that the clerk stood in a threatening position before he was forced to deploy his Taser, recently released dashcam video revealed that the officer lied and had no reason to lawfully detain the clerk.  

On May 31, 2014, Officer Dale Secor approached a car parked perpendicular in a driveway and attempted to look through its tinted windows. When Short Stop Mini Mart clerk Damian Words saw the officer checking out his car, he stepped out of the store and crossed the street towards Secor. Before even speaking with Words, the officer immediately radioed for backup.

“You can’t park on the sidewalk,” Secor told Words.

“But you can’t go in nobody’s car,” Words responded.

“I can tow your car,” Secor replied.

Instead of writing a ticket or asking Words to move his car, Secor can be seen on dash cam video ignoring the clerk’s explanation while ordering Words to hand over his identification.

“My car was parked over here. I work here,” Words attempted to explain.

“Let me see your ID,” Secor ordered.

“What you need my ID for?” Words inquired.

“Your car’s parked illegally,” Secor answered even though a driver’s license is not required to issue a parking violation.

“So what? You going to give me a ticket? For what?” Words asked.

“Your car’s parked illegally,” Secor repeated.

As Words tries to explain why his car is parked illegally, Secor suddenly orders him to turn around in an attempt to detain him. Words, who is unarmed and not making any threatening gestures, explains, “I’ve got a store that I’m running. Man, I’m not about to turn around.”

“Turn around or you’re gonna get tased. You’re under arrest!” Secor shouts while aiming his Taser at Words. Although Words attempts to speak rationally with the aggressive officer, Secor instantly escalates the situation instead of talking to Words like a person. As a patrol car approaches in the background, Secor inexplicably fires his Taser hitting Words in the arm and chest without reason.

After Words hits the ground, the second officer exits his vehicle and cuffs his hands behind his back. With the second officer squatting over his head, Words says, “Golly, man! I work here.”

Without an ounce of compassion, the second officer continues squatting over him and replies, “Yeah? Good for you, dude.”

Although Secor was able to remove the Taser probe in Words’ chest, the store clerk had to wait ten minutes for paramedics to remove the probe in his arm. In his arrest report, Secor claimed that he feared Words may have had a weapon, but no weapon was found at the scene. Secor also wrote that Words, “bladed his body and got into a power stance” a moment before Secor fired his Taser.

But Secor’s dash cam video revealed that the officer provided false information in his report. During the moments before Secor fired his Taser, Words remained calm with his empty hands exposed and not standing in a threatening position. He simply wanted to know why Secor was arresting him over a parking ticket.

Secor also wrote in his report that Words was listed as a known gang member after running his license plate. But federal records and state records in Kansas, Missouri, and Michigan reveal that Words is not a gang member and has no history of violent crime.

Charged with failing to comply with an officer and resisting arrest, Words only pleaded guilty to parking illegally. He paid a $50 fine. Words also filed a lawsuit against the Kansas City Police Department and Officer Secor for unnecessary and excessive use of force over a mere parking ticket.

The video below highlights two key points: the power of a cop’s word against yours and the power video has to expose lies.

Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/dash-cam-video-reveals-cop-tasing-store-clerk-parking-ticket/#3mbrZ8fKIbt7YJj0.99

8 thoughts on “Dashcam Refutes Cop’s Story of “Fearing for His Life,” Shows Him Taser Man for Parking Ticket

  1. Just another pig tasering someone for kicks. The “crime” here was that the lowly civilian didn’t immediately bow in submission to the pig’s imagined “authority”.

    I hope this guy sues the stinking pig bastard for everything he owns, and leaves his little piggy kids starving in the streets, where they can get their piggy heads kicked in on a daily basis.

    You have a RIGHT to argue with cops. You have a RIGHT to express your opinion of them being stinking pig bastards.

    The stinking pig bastard DOES NOT have a right to abuse you for exercising your constitutional rights. The stinking pig bastards have been tasked with the destruction of our Bill of Rights, and this is evidenced by them tasering, and beating the living crap out of anyone who exercises those rights.

    Every moron with a dime-store tin badge pinned to his chest thinks he’s everybody’s King these days, and they need to be taught a lesson. Pigs have agreed to be the enemies of freedom, and the enemies of this country, so I hope they get what any treasonous son-of-a-bitch deserves.

    “…Words says, ‘Golly, man! I work here.’..”
    I can’t believe anyone said “Golly” anytime in the last 40 years.

    1. Guess neither you or anyone you love has been saved by the police? Ever been robbed? Ever been threatened? You’re as bad as the “bad” cops out there, You group every officer as one. “Pig”, isn’t it?
      Kinda the same mentality used by bad cops. “You’re all guilty”…
      You’ll eat your words if ever you are in dire need of help. When you need a complete stranger to come running and put his/her life in danger to save your sorry ass.
      This world is all about attitude. Your attitude, their attitude. Try living your life without the chip on your shoulder. You’ll see a big change in all you encounter. Yeah, scares the shit out of me anytime I’m near one… but I leave the attitude at home and don’t whip out my cell phone to record my defiance. Don’t need to kiss their ass… but starting off with a shred of respect goes a long ways…
      This applies to life. Not just cops. Try it with everyone and you might be treated back with some respect.

      1. The best of the best cops out there violate the Bill of Rights every f#@king day as they enforce daily the administrative legislated policies that make up the eight plus million infringements upon our peoples Bill of Rights.
        So, you tell me, how many infringements are okay to be committed by the “good cops” according to your sorry ass?

      2. “You’ll eat your words if ever you are in dire need of help.”

        No, YOU will, you stupid SOB. We see stories almost daily about pigs shooting UNARMED Americans in the back (among other atrocities), and you don’t see this as a problem??? If you’re so blind you can’t recognize a POLICE STATE when you see it, then you’re definitely too stupid to survive much longer (about as long as it takes for you to call 911 for ANY reason).

        “When you need a complete stranger to come running and put his/her life in danger to save your sorry ass.”

        REAL men don’t expect “complete strangers” to save their ‘sorry asses’. Try growing a pair, and depend on YOURSELF for protection, not some @ssclown that works for the so-called ‘government’ for the purpose of mammon extraction from the proletariat. That’s the problem with idiots like you, you’re so brainwashed by t.v. ‘programming’ that you actually BELIEVE the pigs are there for your protection.

        I’m merely trying to decide if you’re actually that stupid, or if you’re just another loser troll.

      3. When your daughter gets pulled over by a cop just so he can “check her out” and ends up raped and dead, come back and tell us about it. What, little too strong for ya there chief?

  2. What a POS! The second “officer” on the scene sounded like a Nazi enforcer backing up his fellow gestapo. That is not “law enforcement”, that is exactly what Jolly Roger stated in his comment above.

    1. Germany never did that to any of it’s citizens….just those poor innocent Communist, Bolshevik J-WORDS!

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