De Blasio says Epstein’s sudden death ‘boggles the imagination’

New York Post – by Rich Calder

Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday night that the apparent suicide of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein “boggles the imagination” and warrants a full investigation.

Hizzoner told NY1’s “Inside City Hall” that the fact Epstein allegedly hanged himself at Metropolitan Correctional Center “doesn’t add up.” 

“You think everyone involved would say, ‘we are watching this guy like a hawk; we’re going to take every measure to make sure nothing happens to him or he doesn’t do anything to himself,’ ” de Blasio said.

“And then conveniently suddenly all that is gone. He’s able to kill himself? It just boggles the imagination. Sometimes there’s just plain human error … but this series of events is way too convenient.”

The mayor added: “A full investigation is needed and there needs to be an independent element to that investigation.”

Epstein — who was locked up in the MCC awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy to sex-traffic minors — died after the apparent hanging in the federal lockup.

The FBI and the Justice Department are both investigating the incident, which US Attorney General William Barr on Monday blamed on “serious irregularities at this facility.”

Epstein was found with marks on his throat weeks ago and was on suicide watch — until it was canceled at the end of last month.

De Blasio’s comments come a day after he raised conspiracy theories to The Post while attending the Iowa State Fair as part of his campaign for the presidency.

He then claimed Epstein had “a huge amount of information, potentially, about some of the richest and most powerful people in the country, and it was clear that he had either been attacked or tried to commit suicide previously.”

“And then, you know, suddenly they’re not putting him on suicide watch? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t understand how those facts fit together,” he added.

One thought on “De Blasio says Epstein’s sudden death ‘boggles the imagination’

  1. “Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday night that the apparent suicide of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein “boggles the imagination”…”

    Highlighting once again his ignorance of the English language.

    The imagination, by its very nature CAN’T be boggled, retard, since its function is to be able to imagine the unimaginable.

    The term is ‘boggle the mind’, you stupid jewb#tch.


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