Dear Leader Bill Gates has some bad news…

Citizen Free Press

Who died and made Bill Gates king?

“The rest of this year will not be normal and the sooner we deliver that somewhat bad news to people, so they can get ready for what will be a tough fall the better.”

Citizen Free Press

3 thoughts on “Dear Leader Bill Gates has some bad news…

  1. Weirdo! This has been the covid cash cow for this guy and others like him.
    Vaccinate against a non virus? Ok, sure.

  2. There’s definitely something way more sinister going on with this guy
    It needs to be found , and exploited to every corner of the globe
    This animal is in need of a cage

    1. You mean a rope, right ?! Nobody…NOBODY is asking him, or the others around: based on WHAT background/what are his credentials, to talk like a guru about our health and freedom ?! He is a drop-out from a college, a golden-spoon/third base boy, with the right connections, in order to ‘ succeed ‘ in ” our free society/free market “…When SHTF, hope someone is gonna get him…

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