12 thoughts on “Dear Socialists

  1. Uh-Huh,….

    A PERFECT Analogy to what these communists in this country are going to experience when they have antagonized us Patriots, Loyal Americans,… True Americans,.. enough,…

    We will turn on them with lightening speed!,… and have them for lunch!

    Mmmmmmm,… better than mom’s home cooking!!!

    Nothing like having some fresh communist for breakfast!!!

    JD – US Marines – One of these times,.. these commies are going to provoke us thinking they are going to get away with it,… again,.. and then WHAMO!!!! – Dead commies everwhere.

  2. I cants stand killdears
    pos birds
    they chirp ALL NIGHT and ALL DAY

    good kitty.

    i like the propeller tail.

  3. It’s not a Killdear, it’s a mocking bird. Sometimes called a “catbird”. Note the stripes on the wings. Spring time they lay eggs and protect the nest. They are fearless and will chase off Crows 3X their size. These birds are always divebombing my cat, dog and occasionally me… First I have ever seen a cat actually catch one.

    The Killdear is a bird that will land and drag its wing like it is broken. It drags in a direction away from the babies and when the predator springs for dinner, it flies away laughing the whole time.

    The tail gyro was pretty interesting. Almost looked like it got a little extra propulsion mid-air.

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