Debating A Gun Control Fanatic

Story Leak – by Anthony Gucciardi

I recently covered a Second Amendment rally while travelling in Philadelphia, during which I unexpectedly entered into debate with a die hard gun control advocate who was pushing to ban not only guns but knives, forks, hammers, nails, and just about anything that’s sharp.

While it may be shocking to you, the beliefs held by this man actually represent a portion of the population that truly believes we need to enact legislative bans on just about anything that could injure another human being. Many of these individuals actually believe that this is an effective solution to stopping violence. That is until you ask them some common sense questions that ultimately makes them realize that the ‘gun control debate’ is really fueled by mainstream media rhetoric.

In fact, only around 4% of the United States population even believes that we should place gun control as a major priority going forward. Surprised? In reality, all of the fuss over firearms can be traced back to mainstream media talking heads on MSNBC (the MS by the way stands for Microsoft) and other channels that cater to a small audience that has no sense of what’s going on.

In the world of so-called ‘leftist’ talking heads, they would have you believe that mass shootings are an epidemic that has led to the deaths of countless individuals. Of course we know that even the Department of Justice warned in a recent report that paranoia among the police force over mass shootings that cause about 35 deaths per year on average is leading to wasted resources that could be used to fight rape and homicide in high crime areas.

But this is the result of media hype.

It should also be mentioned that this is the same memo that admits an assault rifle ban will not stop crime (which should come as no real shock when considering that rifles only account for around 348 deaths according to official FBI data).


But the numbers behind, even examining the very mentality behind the ‘ban everything’ concept, it simply makes no sense. And as this man seems to come to terms with towards the end of the video after he realizes many of the valid questions I pose can’t exactly be answered using the ‘ban everything’ model, it surely is about society’s belief system and education on what’s right and wrong.

In the real world, enacting legislative bans on all sharp objects only fuels innovation of criminals to find other weapons that can be used on a highly disarmed public. Imagine not only living in a world where ‘all’ firearms (all legal firearms that can be traced through registration) are banned, but where all knives, forks, and even glass bottles are banned. What could you do against a criminal who is smart enough to go out and find his own weapon? In all of these circumstances, the law-abiding citizen loses.

One other question I pose to advocates of complete gun bans: Should we also disarm the police? How about the military? Should we simply decide that, as a nation, we are banning weapons to take a stand for peace?

Even Gandhi supported the use of firearms when it came down to protecting family and country. As a matter of fact, he labeled Britain’s gun ban the blackest of their tyrannical actions.

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13 thoughts on “Debating A Gun Control Fanatic

  1. Does anyone else want to see that clown with his ladies coat and purse go to Oregon, stand on Ash Street and tell Henry that all our guns should be banned? *snickers*

    1. HAAHAHAAHAHA!!!! ROLMFAO!!! I’d pay to see that first hand. He’ll, I’d pay for this guy’s flight ticket just too see it. Should we start a donation drive for him?

  2. This peter puffing, rump wranglin’, pole smokin’, colon patrollin’ terd burglar is about as fruity looped, light in the loafers as they come. It’s only in proper order that anything as manly as a firearm would frighten him. Too bad he will never comprehend the idea that PEOPLE commit violence, not the inanimate object. I guess he doesn’t understand that weapons can be manufactured by a single person in a garage workshop with relatively limited tooling. LoL, ban kitchen knives, what a douche!

  3. There is really nothing to debate. When guys like this are ready to act on their beliefs, I will exercise my God given rights. I hope this guy has a sign in his front yard that says “gun free zone”

  4. “-we need to enact legislative bans on just about anything that could injure another human being. Many of these individuals actually believe that this is an effective solution to stopping violence.”

    Agreed – let’s start with “enacting legislation” banning congresscritters and other polytricksters who illegally invade other countries and rule us through tyranny – that would be The Most “effective solution to stopping violence.”

  5. These liberals can’t be cornered on their opinions when you confront them. They’re constantly morphing like some kind of Extraterrestrial. Creepy!!

    . . .

  6. I think it would be nice if we could know what our founding fathers had to say about this.
    Oh! Wait!!
    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.
    Jefferson’s “Commonplace Book,”1774_1776

    I think that should be the end of this discussion.

  7. I wonder how much he got paid to say that. What an idiot. We are NOT giving UP our guns PERIOD. And we are going to fight TO our biggest ENEMY TODAY-IS OUR EVIL CORRUPTED GOVERMENT!!!!!!

  8. This guy was probably all happy and giddy when he was handed plastic forks and knives on his last plane trip.

    While I agree with his teaching people to love one another, it’s kind of hard to do that when the government censors everything, teaches you to snitch, promotes immorality rather than morality and basically tells everyone that everything that is good is bad and everything that is bad is good.

    This guy’s utopian world cannot exist in the world we live in today and cannot exist in general because there will always be evil trying to corrupt the good. You can strive for love, kindness, goodness and so on, but evil will never go away or end, so everyone like this dickhead should stop being a sissy, man up and deal with it. THAT’S LIFE! And even God himself said so!

    If you don’t like it, then go hug a rainbow!

    As far as him wanting to ban everything, I vote we stick a “gun free zone” sign in front of his house and see how long he lasts.

  9. The most lethal force is Stupidity.
    I welcome the obviously inevitable decision to ban Stupidity, and propose that use of Stupidity to cause harm to the rights, property and person of others should be a capital offense.

    Note that lying to the public is a form of Stupidity.

  10. Got to love control freaks’ position- They’ll send men with guns after you .. if you don’t give them your guns smh

  11. LOL.. this guy has NO idea what he is talking about. He also needs to be shot for wearing that coat out in public. He also gives a new meaning to “double tapped”…

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