DEBUNKED – UN Tanks & Supplies On the Move – Local Militias Mobilized – Maine

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Final Update – 5/13/13 1614MST

Yesterday evening we had multiple sources come forward to us about this issue. Each of them had stories that lined up with other stories, and all of them seems to not have any kinds of ties to each other.  

I normally go out of my way to verify anything before I post it, that goes for both the Facebook page and our homepage

With that being said, I felt comfortable posting “unconfirmed reports” (as it was stated in the first line of my article) about this. If it were one person coming forward with this, I would have just brushed it off…however that was not the case.

After the article was posted, it instantly went viral. Its appearing on other news sites around the internet, other Facebook groups, personal Facebook pages, etc.

How several people came forward with the same information that have no apparent ties to each other is beyond me. We have had local ME members of SOF scout the areas in question and they returned empty handed. None of the sources from last night were able to provide any type of proof of their claims either.

My main objective behind the article posted was to probe for information. We have limited resources so it was a reach out to you guys to help confirm or deny these claims.

After 20 hours of research, scouting, talking to people, getting in contact with local law enforcement, contacting militias, etc….we have come to the conclusion that the claims were unfounded and untrue.

To the members of the multiple militias in Maine, I apologize for any heart attacks I may have given you guys. You are a very important part of keeping our freedoms and liberties. For that, I’m very grateful…

In the future, if I ever post an article that said “unconfirmed” – it is just that….unconfrimed. Meaning that it is not proven to be true yet and any information that you can provide will help prove or disprove it.

Thank you for your time
Secure Our Freedom
Vice President

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