Deputy Under Investigation for Shooting, Killing Dog

 Deputy Under Investigation for Shooting, Killing DogKATC 3 News – by Erin Steuber 

A Lafayette Sheriff’s Deputy is under investigation, after shooting and killing a family’s dog. It happened over the weekend in Carencro when a woman called 911, to report someone trespassing on her property. The family says, a breakdown in communication could be to blame for the dog’s death.

After 11 years, Bonnie Boudreaux never expected to lose her guard dog, Paddy, like this: Shot and killed in her front yard. 

“We were thick as thieves, the two of us. He was my buddy,” said Boudreaux.

It all happened Sunday morning, Boudreaux says she heard gunshots nearby, somewhere on her 32 acres of land, and called 9-1-1.

“I said, well you don’t need to come to my house because I have a dog that’s protective and won’t let you get out of your car,” said Boudreaux.

Boudreaux wanted deputies to search the property, not her home. But not getting that message, a deputy came to her house, and got out of his car, despite the signs in the driveway.

“I went out there and I said back up and get into your car. Get back in your car,” said Boudreaux.

But it was too late….

“I was headed in his direction when he shot the dog. Had I been two, or three, steps closer I would have gotten it too. It took seconds from the the time the dog barked and I went out there to see about it and he killed him,” said Boudreaux.

Boudreaux’s daughter rushed over when she heard what happened.

“paddy was lying on the ground and the officer just about 5 feet, 6 feet, from Paddy just fixed to the spot,” said Boudreaux’s daughter, Amy Fisher. “He’s never bitten anybody, he’s just done his job and did his job that day too.”

Deputies are launching an internal investigation to determine if the shooting was justified.

“If we know we’re going to a home where there’s a situation, typically a catch pole is deployed, and we’ve got that out before we pull into the drive,” said Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. “Under these circumstances, I don’t think that the deputy really had a clear picture of what he was driving into when he did.”!prettyPhoto/0/

One thought on “Deputy Under Investigation for Shooting, Killing Dog

  1. First big mistake: calling 911. If she had a problem with people on her property that needed investigated, a locked and loaded AR-15 along with her protective dog would have been the best course of action. Be responsible for your own protection. In the coming times that will be your only option for survival. Too bad, beautiful shepherd and no one will be held responsible.

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