DHS Checkpoint – Being Detained Because of the Constitution!

Published on Apr 11, 2013 by Cop Block

This video was originally uploaded tohttp://YouTube.com/Ventrilqstman on April 9th, 2013 (note that this upload was made after the contest deadline, but the video had been initially been published before the deadline yet was pulled by YouTube, which cited “inappropriate content”).

It was included in an entry to The Checkpoint Contesthttp://CopBlock.org/CheckpointContest and was uploaded tohttp://YouTube.com/TheCopBlock and added to the “Checkpoint Content” playlist in an attempt to get it, and other tactics in front of more eyes.

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One thought on “DHS Checkpoint – Being Detained Because of the Constitution!

  1. He left thinking he wasn’t detained. Well, they did detain him (when they illegally placed that tire puncturing device in from of his vehicle) long enough to video tape him, his wife and kids and, of course, his vehicle and license plate number. Before he was a mile away, they probably had enough information on him just from his license plate numbers, to write a book. Not that I wouldn’t do the same, i.e. video and ask if I was being detained, but from now on one better believe, such actions from law abiding Constitutionalists at road blocks like this, will label us “terrorists”. If he wasn’t, he’s definitely now, in that category. For better or for worse, he is a marked man.

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