DHS/Police going directly into bars with Breathalyzers


Sacramento, California cops are rolling out a new program this Memorial day to allegedly combat drunk drivers.

If you were at a bar this weekend, cops were approaching bar patrons and asking them to blow into breathalyzers.

DUI roadblocks are apparently not invasive enough, now police are going to bars ‘asking’ wink, wink patrons to blow into breathalyzers!

Don’t forget DHS is paying police to set up DUI checkpoints.

How long before police nationwide will go into bars and force people to blow into breathalyzers and check for possible public inebriation or use drug Breathalyzers on innocent people?

California’s ‘Drug Breathalyzer’ bill is set to do just that:

A California lawmaker introduced a bill that would allow law enforcement to use new “drug breathalyzers” on people suspected of driving under the influence of marijuana and other drugs.

Like breathalyzers used to test drivers for alcohol consumption, Assembly Bill 1356 would allow police to use oral fluid devices to check drivers for drug impairment.

Devices like the Alere DDS2 allegedly can detect marijuana within two to three hours of use, while also registering drugs like cocaine and methamphetamine. It CAN’T detect the amount or WHEN it was used! Click here to read more.

These ‘Drug Breathalyzers’ can’t detect if you’ve ingested a poppy seed bagel but will alert police that you tested POSITIVE for drugs! The American police state is out of control!

Cannabis dispensary owner Lanette Davies is concerned about people who use marijuana medicinally getting lumped in with impaired drivers.

“An impaired driver I would completely support not driving.  However, this is just another way of having zero tolerance for people with THC in their system,” Davies said.

Obviously the site of several armed officers walking into a bar with breathalyzers in hand is a buzz kill, to say the least.

One of the bar patrons who’s been exposed to the program explains, “Admittedly we were a bit put off when we were gonna walk in and saw a bunch of cops with breathalyzers.”

A “bit put off” is an understatement, however.

While these officers are promising not to “test and arrest,” the very idea of police entering private property and having people submit to breathalyzer tests is appalling!

This program leaves the door wide open for entrapment and further rights violating searches by police.


7 thoughts on “DHS/Police going directly into bars with Breathalyzers


    (isn’t that what they say about spying? if you have nothing to hide, you shouldn’t mind the government spying on you)

  2. This is only the beginning. We are being transitioned into UN law. All liberty will be abridged according to international (communism) law. California is going to pay dearly for their liberal government. If they wanted the lice infestation they call government, then they should live with it. No water may
    be the best thing that ever happened to them. They will have to leave. The
    politicians should go down with the ship. The police should go down with them.

  3. “DUI roadblocks are apparently not invasive enough, now police are going to bars ‘asking’ wink, wink patrons to blow into breathalyzers!”

    wow… they’ve finally reached the next level of insanity. That’s what bars do, they serve alcohol. DUH!!!

    Keep that stupid sh#t in CA.

  4. This is SACRAMENTO the capital city we’re talking about. Most Californians I’ve talked to are sick to death of this government here and are hopping mad. What you see in this video is not a majority of Morons who also live in the large cities. Most of California is Old West and Country. Half the worlds rice is grown right here as well as well as a hell of a lot of other crops. We’re farmers and ranchers for heaven’s sake!!!!

    As fro the doragatory remarks against Californians in general lets not forget that a hell of a lot more people who are here now came from other states. We got mugged by all the trash that flitted in here. That’s a fact. When thinks kick off it may well be California where it starts, and we Californians will let all the fools that cling to the patriot movement like remora while bashing one state or another that it is safe to come out now.

    Folks would do well to pay attention to the evil in their own states. IT IS FREAKING EVERYWHERE!!!!! Even Idaho and Vermont.

    1. I was raised in that POS commie state and lived there most of my life (WAY too much of it, in fact), so I have every right to talk sh#t about it.

      I left there in Feb., moved here to Oregon, and I haven’t been this happy & stress free in many, MANY years.

      I will continue to bash CA. I’ve earned the right.

  5. I truly can’t believe how dumb these F**KING sheeple are!!! Just when you think they can’t get any dumber. I feel like someone hit me over the head and I woke up in bizzaroworld.

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