33 thoughts on “Diggerdan’s Memorial Service

  1. 😥 😥 😥 crying
    THANK YOU, Millard.
    And THANK YOU Gary for your camera work and post-production (editing/sound).
    Well Done. 🙂 😥 🙂

    1. I have to say I held it together while watching the memorial until …… “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. 😥 😥

      You see, I chose that song as well for the end of my life back when I was 30 something.

      Thanks again Millard and Gary. Diggerdan was a very, very special human being. He will be missed, and he will be remembered.
      . . .

      1. That was the song I chose (years ago) for mine, as well. (Dan and I even talked about it, months ago.)
        I lost it (while approvingly laughing at the same time) when Millard told me, the other day, that he was going to play it for Dan.

  2. That was a sweet tribute to Dan. Millard you are a Good Man, Dan knew how to pick his friends. Dan is now with the Angels and we are in the Trenches, fighting the fight that Dan knows we will win soon.Dan sure had a beautiful spot on Gods green acre to spend his last days. Long live Dan’s Memory and Long Live the Republic! Godbless you Dan and everyone at From the Trenches.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this, Millard and thank you Gary for the video work and editing. The memorial service was absolutely beautiful. I’m sure Dan would have been so happy. His home looked great. Its looks nice and peaceful and away from the craziness of the world and at one with nature. Wish I could have visited him and met him in person.

    May he rest in peace…..

  4. I too thank you Millard for making this tribute for us all to watch. I can only hope when my number is called I have a friend such as you. May we all be so blessed and loved.

    be at peace and may we someday look back on our lives with a smile from the great beyond.

  5. Thank you so much Millard. A most beautiful tribute indeed, as everything that was important in Dan’s life you so eloquently defined. His love of nature, his dogs, his friendship with you and his friends here in the trenches, and most importantly peace, and to live life uninterrupted. I’m still a bit choked up by your moving memorial. It’s still amazing to me that I never met or knew him personally, but he still held a big place in my heart, even though I barely knew him. I can only imagine how he impacted those who were close to him. God rest your soul digger. You feisty SOB.

  6. Dearest Bob/Millard, I can only hope that I can have friends like you all… I would also like to thank you for all that you’ve done for us in this time of great sorrow… Blessing to all… We will prevail…

  7. Digger,
    You were a true American. I will see you on the other side friend.

    I hope that my send off is half as heart felt as this. Y’all did Dan right.
    Thanks for allowing me the privaledge of seeing this.

  8. Millard, Thank you and your family so much for what you have done. That was absolutely beautiful. I can’t stop crying!! I pray I have friends like you when I pass. You are a true friend. Digger, man I miss you. I am so glad I got to see your beautiful face!! I promise I will see you on the other side. You were a beautiful human being. Missy

  9. Millard, that was a beautiful tribute to a great man and true patriot. I am more than certain that Dan is proud and eternally happy that his final wishes were carried out the way he wanted. His home was beautiful! So picturesque and bounding in nature’s beauty. I am glad part of him will always be there. His spirit too will dwell in the hearts of all of us here at the trenches. Godspeed Digger Dan, you are missed, but we will see you on the other side brother!

  10. Thank you Bob, and Gary. My eyes are full, my voice is gone, and my heart is broken. My phone will never ring again with Daniel on the other end. I will never hear him again say, “hi ya Paul”. His friendship was, and is precious to me. His words were filled with knowledge that no one else could completely understand but him. His heart was filled with beauty, and love. Good to see where Dan lived and to know what he looked like.
    Bob. You were precious to him. You were his trusting and loyal friend through thick and thin. God bless you brother.

  11. That was a wonderful memorial for Dan, Millard. Thank you for being there for him, since none of us could be. Had he lived even as close as Henry & Laura, I would have definitely gone to see him. You were his only regular visitor as far as I know.
    I really wanted to send some flowers, but my plastic is maxed out and I had to pay my two biggest bills of the month this week.

    Thank you again for being Dan’s friend, Bob, and thank you Gary, for your contribution.

    I seriously miss that guy. 🙁

  12. That was a beautiful tribute, Millard, an elegy in prose. Where he lived is so beautiful and peaceful; I can see why he was so attached to it. Thank you for sharing it. RIP, Digger.

  13. How Touching. How genuine. How American.
    This service reminds each one of us, at least myself, that face to face meetings don’t so much matter…….it’s as you said ending the service, “see that little one over there”, “that’s what we are fighting for”…………thank you so much for posting and allowing each of us to visit Dan’s place….

  14. Millard,
    That was wonderful. I’m sure Dan was smiling down at you. And in the end, I finally got to see Dan.
    Thank you, and your granddaughter is very beautiful.
    God bless the Republic.

  15. LOVE :

    7 bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    1 Cor. 13.7

    14 Let all that you do be done with love.
    1 Cor. 16.14

  16. Paraclete………..you hit it squarely on the top,head, for me….
    “let all that you do be done with love.”…..I have not been able to live up… I.Do, though, keep that close at hand, within, and when I mess up, if given the oppo…make amends……to the mess-up…………..and in the end, for myself, a smile is about that also…………a smile demonstrates love at it’s beginning of the moment…..don’t you think?

    1. Yes ….

      Our Lord shared with His disciples ………

      34 A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. 35 By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

      John 13.34-35

  17. Oh Millard this is such a beautiful, beautiful tribute video to Dan. I certainly ended up with tears rolling down my face, especially toward the end where you started spreading his ashes up on the old post office. What a beautiful place Wisconsin is! I feel so lucky the times that Dan commented on a comment of mine or where I commented on a comment of his. I had been visiting the Trenches for some time but it’s only in recent months that I started making comments and I was lucky enough to have some correspondence with Dad. He makes us all feel the spirit of what he strongly believed in.

    Milliard you have such a beautiful little granddaughter. She looks about the age of my granddaughter, but she might be younger. My granddaughter is 6 years old but she is very petite and tiny. You are right, these innocent young children need to have a hope for a better future. I quite often fret over the future that my children and grandchildren have in this country/world. You are right, that is why we are in the Trenches and must fight for our children’s and their children’s future. God Bless you, your family and loved ones Millard and thank you so much for this touching tribute to Diggerdan. A great American and a great patriot.

  18. Wow, great job everyone! I was just starting to get to know Dan a little when he passed, I wish that there was more time. This vid brought a tear to this old guy’s eyes. RIP Dan.

  19. Goodbye Dan. Got to enjoy Dan’s response on the website a couple times. I know he had a lot of heart. Thank you all so much for this memorial video.

  20. Thank you so much, Millard, for the wonderful memorial service and the
    celebration of Diggerdan’s life. The spiritual release was heartfelt.
    His sincere postings will be missed.

  21. Thank you Millard that was a wonderful and heart felt service for Digger. You are a good friend for doing it. Prayers for Dan and for his family.

  22. Milliard, you honored Dan in a most beautiful way. Did not know him, although, I do believe he was the first person to welcome me to FTT. I was touched by that. May God bless you and look forward to hearing you again on the radio show when you call in.

  23. Thank you all for your kind words regarding my friend diggerdan. I find it simply amazing that I give this guy my old computer, help him learn how to use it and hook him up to the internet, and he finds Henry’s site and has such an impact. The guy was amazing. I sure do miss my friend.

    Sincerely, Millard

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