Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

To commemorate the passing of Hillary Rotten Clinton, we now present to our readers the classic funeral song she justly deserves:

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to send this wretched bitch on her journey to hell. There’s not much nice to say about her, but we are blessed with a long history of countless evil deeds that will always be remembered. Yes, she’s a thief and a murderer, who’s waged war upon innocents, looted the White House, committed espionage, sabatoge, and stabbed every back that was ever turned to her.

But in these times of mourning, we must all find peace and goodness somewhere, so let us take solace in the gift we were given from God, who today saved the world from the horrors that would have come to pass is she became president.

If the untimely passing of Hillary has brought you only confusion and sorrow, let us remember that God’s timing is always perfect, and there may not have been a minute to waste in sending the evil wench to the eternal inferno that has awaited her for many years.

She will always be remembered, even if only in nightmares, as the right hand of Lucifer on Earth. Let us rejoice that God has chosen to remove this nefarious soul from our midst, and grant us all the peace made possible by her passage to another world. A world of fire, and torment awaits her cursed soul, but it’s where she’s carved out a home for herself, and we’re all blessed by her being there, rather than here.


6 thoughts on “Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead

  1. “who today saved the world from the horrors that would have come to pass if she became president.”

    God would have been better, letting the evil which stay, and have all that had to execute her orders have the guts and honor to say “Hell No!”.

    First Lieutenant of the United States Army Ehren K. Watada , This one to honor you.

  2. another possibility has occurred to me:
    Could they possibly be faking her death so she’ll escape justice for her espionage charges?

    They use the alternative media to spread information now, by pretending to hide it in the mainstream media (because their credibility is shot). If they release a few snippets of info that raise suspicion, the “conspiracy theorists” will dig up the details, and expose the death they’re pretending to hide.

    If they simply announce her death, people will want to see the actual corpse.

    Look out for this — they know that no one believes them anymore, and they know their false-flags are exposed within hours. If they want information spread, they only have to pretend to be hiding it. (just as they garner support for Trump by pretending to oppose him)

    No one believes them, but they’re still on the air, and people are still tuning in. They’re going to use that.

    1. “If they simply announce her death, people will want to see the actual corpse.”

      Could just dump her at sea a la OBL…

  3. I’ve been on the phone with a friend in Russia till very late last night, and after digging and going back, here’s my thoughts;

    The DEADLINE TO SUBMIT A REPLACEMENT CANDIDATE, in 20 US states, passed, one week ago.

    I BELIEVE that PERHAPS, with Hillary nose-dive into the van, and her ‘immediate recovery’, a short time later, emerging 30lbs lighter with a different wedding band, walking UNAIDED, 30′ from SS agents, the crowd kept WELL AWAY, and her UK ‘double’ having sent a tweet of herself IN FRONT OF CHELSEA’S APARTMENT……

    And Sunday night’s ‘Emergency DNC meeting for a replacement’ – you do NOT discuss replacement when someone “only has pneumonia”, and there would be no ’emergency’….

    Therefore, the ONLY logical assumption I can make is that Hillary DID die, and they are trying to work a backroom deal to force the 20 states to disregard their deadlines, and a NEW democratic candidate can step forward.

    OTHERWISE, THE DEMOCRATS WOULD LOSE EVERYTHING, AS TRUMP WOULD WIN BY DEFAULT – and that is tantamount to a total disaster for democrats.

    Just my 2 cents

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