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Full Auto Slingshot Minigun!

Published on Feb 10, 2013 by JoergSprave

Full auto guns have their very own fascination. Therefore, The Slingshot Channel revisits the Gatling concept – but this time, a far more advanced construction has been employed.

This new design shoots commercial pistol crossbow bolts, with eight “inline” barrels. (Interested fanatics may learn how to make such a barrel here:…)

The new gatling gun is much smaller, and no longer powered by a hand crank: A Black and Decker power screwdriver turns the barrel drum. True assault rifle feeling!

The surprisingly accurate weapon isn’t maxed out in terms of band strength, but the little bolts easily penetrate the original B+D metal box for the power screwdriver.

Two HiSpeed super slomos show the action of the wheelgun in detail.

Also, you can win an original “Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters” backpack – filled with a slingshot surprise! Just leave a comment to this video.

A “The Slingshot Channel” production

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14 Responses to Full Auto Slingshot Minigun!

  1. diggerdan says:

    Ha ha I have always liked alternative things like this. Perhaps it would be a interesting project to build.

  2. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    This thing is way cool!

    Now if he could build one that uses full-size crossbow bolts, that would be outstanding!

  3. NC says:

    All I have to say is that the elites have become too dependent on technology to build weapons and make them better that they don’t realize that even the best weapon can be the least technological and most simply made one.

    As my motto goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    However, the elites motto is, “We have to change and find ways to make it better, even when it is fine the way it is. Otherwise, I won’t look good for my masters and won’t get that big promotion I want.”

    Also, the best weapon of all is the power of the human mind and that is all you need to make a REAL change. The power of an IDEA trumps it all.

  4. Steve Apple says:

    Pretty cool but no good for whats coming here, think I prefer somthing with a bang as far as bows go bow-tec is the best compound bow available with 85% let off and speed to drive a full length arrow THROUGH a 3/4 board at 40 yds, crossbows are fine for one shot(too slow to reload,bolts are real expensive and a lot of drop after 30 yds) but the compound is like 6-10 shots a minute(not rushing just playing) and it is so silent it scares me.just my thoughts.

    • # 1 NWO Hatr says:

      They’re always great for a close range silent first strike.

      Just be sure to have something full auto right next to you for the follow up.

  5. pete says:

    dont underestimate stuff like this.
    England crusaded half way around the world with just bows and swords once!

    and i’v said before, all this 3d printing stuff asumes you can still get barrels, ammo, trigger-pack’s etc.

    firing poison darts is much better in a lot of ways.

    • Steve Apple says:

      Them attacking men with only their FREEDOM to loose ASSUREs not assumes that we will have all their arms plus ours.Anyone who isnt armed and ammoed(is that a word) by now is of no use to anyone.I wouldnt even know where to get “poisen darts” the 3d printing is for EXPENSIVE parts that wear out BARRELS DONT especially with the low turnout from the PTB who will most likely be in their hidey holes while we cap their ventilation shafts,and as far as your snow tail pipe theory there would be a cavity where the snow piled up to the trunk deck,as the car hadnt been moved backing into the snow might block the pipe but the engine would stall.

      • pete says:

        you get poison darts by taking darts/bolts etc and dipping them in anything with a serious warning on the packaging.

        incidentally, if you get a bottle of concentrated chlorene from a swimming pool supply store and boil it you get devastating poison gas.

        just so you know.
        (think steam cleaner/camping stove)

        • Steve Apple says:

          You think “pool cleaner and such other childish nonsense” and while you and piers are at it think awhere “england is today” they have devolved into making queers into knights and besides we already run them prancy limeys back across the pond. poisen arrows indeed!~!!! You sound like a child to me petey so until you want to back up your mouth running by accepting my 22 proposal stfu(that was you saying how weak a 22 was back aroud my first post wasnt it ?)I read a lot of silly posts by you and am starting to wonder why the men on this site havent sent you to your room.

          • Henry Shivley says:

            It was your turn, Steve.

          • pete says:

            if you knew anything about the u.k. you’d know it’s been run by satanic queers for over 100years.
            you would also know that the 3 main political parties have a contact-man who regularly visits “sir” rothschild to get orders.

            europe and america face the same future – the only question is where it will kick off first.

            but you dont seem to understand that there is a time for action,
            and a time for planning.

            get either of them wrong, and you just get labelled a “terrorist” and get a life sentence or a few bullets in the chest.

            the time is not now – but soon.
            they must show there true intentions to the whole population of each country first – including the tv adicted fools.
            because you WILL need the bbc/fox/ntv/tfi/sv1 etc viewers on your side.

  6. Steve Apple says:

    My pleasure Mr. Shivley, Pete you ignorant misguided slut(dan ackroyd SNL)
    Why would any self respecting american know anything about england or better yet why would they want to know anything about an island of tea slurping PEASENTS ,SLAVES AND INBRED IMPOSTER ROYALTY.We know the pedophile piers “scared shitless of inanimate objects” the limey pussy morgan, he has enlightend the whole world to the extent of mindless babble your type are capable of ,you SIDESTEPPED each and every point made in the conversation ,the only whine you didnt produce was your a ANTI- SEMITE other than that your tribal colors shone through bright and clear what with desiring to poisen people with your arrows dipped in “anything with a serious warning label”( what does that mean tide or dishsoap) only one of your devilish gene pool could /would poisen their fellow man,as for me I want to see their fkn head explode not leave them mobile to watch the agonizing effects of poisen. You petey are a distraction at best and like the rest of your j-w filth are in over your head. As for the post wear you reccomend putting a I SHOOT BACK bumper sticker on are you insane to actually encourage a gang of trigger happy thugs who put over 50 rounds into the back of a different colored trk driven by 2 old women to think theur might be a gun in said are for sure and for certain A FKN IDIOT.


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