DOUCHE BAG ALERT! Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says Donald Trump called to thank him

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Alex Jones, the far-right conspiracy theorist, radio talk show host, and provocateur founder of the popular Infowars website, says President-elect Donald Trump called him last week to thank him and his audience for their grassroots support of his unlikely candidacy.

“On my way here, Donald Trump gave me a call,” Jones said in a YouTube video shot atop Mount Bonnell in Austin, Texas, and published Friday. “And I told him, ‘Mr. President-elect, you’re too busy, we don’t need to talk.’ But we still spent over five minutes [on the phone], and he said, ‘Listen, Alex. I just talked to the kings and queens of the world, world leaders, you name it.’ But he said, ‘It doesn’t matter. I want to talk to you to thank you and your audience. And I’ll be on in the next few weeks to thank them.’”  

A representative for the president-elect did not immediately return a request seeking confirmation of Trump’s call to Jones.

“I want to thank you, thank your listeners for standing up for this republic,” Trump said, according to Jones. “We know what you did early on for this campaign.”

Last December, Trump appeared on Jones’ show in a video interview from Trump Tower, and Jones greeted him by saying that 90 percent of his listeners were Trump supporters.

“Your reputation is amazing,” Trump replied. “I will not let you down.”

Jones’ reputation has been built, largely, on his conspiratorial claims. Among other things, he has suggested that 9/11 was an inside job; no one died in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the U.S. government is turning American children gay through their juice boxes; and President Obama and Hillary Clinton are possessed by demons.

“I never said this, because the media will go crazy with it,” Jones told his listeners in mid-October. “But I’ve talked to people that are in protective details, they’re scared of her. And they say, ‘Listen, she’s a frickin’ demon, and she stinks and so does Obama.’ I go, ‘Like what?’ ‘Sulfur. They smell like hell.’”

Jones has said he shares a common bond with Trump, who has also embraced conspiracy theories on the campaign trail. Notably, Trump for years cast doubt on the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate.

“He’s been what you call a ‘closet conspiracy theorist’ for 50 years,” Jones said in July. “I think he’s been a chameleon in the system, and now he sees the time to strike.”

In late August, Clinton turned a spotlight on Jones, when she cited him as the source behind some false claims Trump had repeated on the campaign trail.

“This is what happens when you listen to radio host Alex Jones, who claims that 9/11 and the Oklahoma City bombings were inside jobs,” she said.

Roger Stone, a frequent Infowars guest, was an unofficial adviser to the Trump campaign.

Jones also made headlines during the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where he held an “America First” rally outside the convention center.

“We’re identifying the globalists, their program of control, their operations,” Jones said at the rally. “Once the public understands the paradigm: It’s game over!”

Trump’s postelection call, Jones said, proves he is “not the average elitist — these stuck-up nobodies who believe they control the world, who believe everybody’s an idiot.”

Jones added, “This whole criminal multinational enterprise that has hijacked the nation, ladies and gentlemen, is now coming down.”

15 thoughts on “DOUCHE BAG ALERT! Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones says Donald Trump called to thank him

    1. Jackboots like this copsucker, who only ever served his zionist masters and their marching/trampling on the Bill of Rights, are the enemy to beware.

      They’ve never even read the first 10 Articles and they don’t need or want to. They, like joo-deo christians, have always relied upon someone else to interpret the words for them.

      They “believe” but are dumb as stumps/chumps otherwise. They follow orders to the letter, as long as their masters can use retard level logic to convince them they “fight for free-dumb” as they yell out their amerikan scream.

      “Just following orders” didn’t work as a defense before and won’t work now, either.

      Commi-kikes at least know what they are doing and why, but this brand of fascist “fake-triot” has been created to combat the enemy of zio-communism.

      They are on my radar heavier than the openly declared enemies of the Republic, as they are armed, dangerous and STUPID.

      1. The funny thing is a jackboot can spend their entire life training yet a 9 year old girl can pick them off with a .22 round. There’s much to be said for being the defender while standing on the moral high ground.

  1. damn henry!!!!
    the “tip ‘o the spear never asked you to speak???
    oh yeah… thats right, you aint jewish or got a jillion debt papers…………………

  2. I can’t stand listening to him, but i do follow his site from time to time and have to say, i have yet to find things wrong. He has good writers, i check 3-4 sites and connect dots. But like i said, cant stand watching/listening to him, and i doubt this, but if so? Must be because Trump only sleeps 3 hrs a night, hes confused about Alex?

  3. Well, being the “tip of the spear,” why not? I don’t doubt Trump called him, after all, AJ got him elected.

    AJ, such a bs’r!

  4. The real message for the leos here is at 3:02 ” just because you CAN kill somebody, doesn’t mean you NEED to.” if only they could get that across.

  5. This is Alex Jewnes,
    As I understand, there are certain people at this site who are engaged in libelous behaviors.
    What they don’t understand is that I’m chasing the spear!
    I’m tipping the cow!
    I’m hitting the wire, smacking it around and then using it to fish with!
    I’m flimming the flam and squatting the pottie!
    I’m not a litigious man, butbutbutbutbut….I shall have to issue a tort.
    There, I’m torting. I’m torting now. Your all being torted.
    I have a direct line to Donald Trumps toupee manufacturer’s cousins, sisters, brother-in-law’s former roommate. THIS WILL NOT STAND.
    Donald Trump’s toupee is a bulletproof alien from another planet cleverly disguised as a fake wig! And I can prove that aliens have now taken over the White House!
    Right after a few messages from our sponsors….

    Would you like to buy gold at a highly over-inflated rate of exchange? Send us your worthless paper money now and we will send you an authentic certified letter, stating how much gold you kinda, sorta, just didn’t purchase…..

  6. I can’t believe people still listen to this jack ass. He’s a terrible actor who is full of sh*t. I wonder how many times a month they fly him over to tel Aviv to pay his respects.

  7. quit bitchin about alex………… hes a patreeeeeot!! tip o the shpeer!!!
    wear yer seatbelts peons!!
    dont do druuuuuuuugggggggggssssssssssssss

    dont drank on sundys

    thank a cop, a politishun, and a soldyur tday for his surrrrrrrrvisssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeee and
    kiss a jewwwwwwwwwwzzzzzzzzzzzz azzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!
    peace!!!!!!! out!!!!!!!!!!

  8. My Fellow Americans:

    Donald Trump: Is this Alex Zionist Jones?

    Alex Jones: Yes….

    Donald Trump: STOP USING MY FK”N NAME!!!!!!,… THANK YOU!!!

    (Loud Hang-up!)

    Comment: See,… the presumptive presidential elect did call the “Tip Of The Shaft” and thank him!

    JD – US Marines – Yes people,.. Alex Zionist Jones is the “Tip” of something,.. but it ain’t no spear!!!


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