Drone strike kills 8 Al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

The Daily Star

ADEN: A drone strike killed eight suspected members of Al-Qaeda in south Yemen late Tuesday, security sources said.

The strike hit two vehicles carrying the suspected militants in Shabwa province, killing six instantly while two died later of their wounds, the sources said.  

Six other alleged extremists escaped a second air raid that missed two more vehicles in the same convoy, they added.

Washington is the only government to operate drones over Yemen, but the United States only sporadically releases statements on its long-running bombing campaign against the country’s powerful Al-Qaeda branch.

The United States considers Al-Qaeda’s Yemen-based franchise, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, to be its most dangerous.

AQAP and ISIS have exploited a power vacuum created by the conflict between the government and Shiite Huthi rebels to expand their presence in Yemen, especially in the south and southeast.



One thought on “Drone strike kills 8 Al-Qaeda suspects in Yemen

  1. Isn’t it so nice how the US government murders “suspects” human beings without due process
    That is criminal at best

    Wonder how they would respond if the tables were turned ?

    When that day comes , no one should shed a tear , or support actions against those who finally decided to put an end to the criminal actions

    Who ever ordered this should be brought up on Capitol charges and than eliminated the exact same way they did their victims

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