Dueling Electors – Electoral Count Act of 1887

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So I did a little research and what transpired today revolves around the Electoral Count Act of 1887. As I understand it what happened today is; sealed votes were handed in. NOBODY knows who the votes are cast for. Those votes are actually unsealed and counted on Jan 06, 2020 by VP Pence (acting as President of the senate) in front of the house and senate.

In a case of dueling electors, Pence decides either to accept the alternates or deny all electoral votes. If pence accepts the alternate electors, Trump wins.

If Pence denies all the electors, nobody gets to 270. If that happens then congress votes on the President but there’s a catch.

Congress gets one vote per state and the GOP controls 26 states.

Trump wins.

Could anyone familiar with this confirm?

Dueling electors in 7 contested states

In the 1876 Election


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