Elite Swat Teams & the Discovery of a Hostile Take-Over from Within

The Government Rag- by Stephanie Sledge

Over the past few decades, America has seen a steady increase of police departments across the nation subscribe and incorporate ‘Elite’ crime fighting teams called Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). These elite teams are highly trained in the militarized special operations and urban warfare tactics. These SWAT teams were once viewed by the public as a good way to fight the drug war. Over the past few years the public view has flipped and now Citizens are beginning to question whether these elite SWAT teams are a deeper sign of a hostile takeover of America from within.  

Example of local SWAT teams and their military vehicles  – Salinas Police Dept.

The paramilitary police units frequently are used to serve the system by fighting the lost and failed drug war in America.  SWAT units most often are those that serve warrants. In recent years, SWAT teams have been trained to step up their incredibly perturbing trend of hostility towards the Citizens. SWATS are usually unannounced and conditioned to use an aggressive form of entry into a home.

The earliest SWATS, (according to Wikipedia), was formed in 1964 at the Philadelphia Police Department. By 1967, a prominent elite SWAT team was then established in the Los Angeles Police Department by Inspector Daryl Gates. From then, America has seen a troubling incline of power-driven police departments using paramilitary force upon the Citizens of America to round up small time drug dealers and other small time criminal activity.

According to an infographic provided by ArrestRecords.com“The past 25 years have seen the advent of a disturbing trend in America- militarization of its civilian law enforcement. This unsettling rise is evident with the regular use of paramilitary police units, commonly known as Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT, for routing police work.”

According to the infographic, SWAT deployments and ‘No knock raids’ have increased to nearly 70,000 from 1970-2010. That is an increase of 80% in small-medium cities and 75% increase in large cities.

“There are more than 150 SWAT TEAM RAIDS EVERY DAY in this country. For the most part, they go after nonviolent offenders like drug dealers and even small time gamblers.”

This information should be startling to the nation simply because these elite SWAT teams formed and trained across the nation are nothing more than reasons and excuses to trample on the Citizen’s rights. SWAT teams, heavily armed and trained to catch drug dealers and small time gamblers. How are these tactics keeping the nation safe? Do we really need this type of military tactical maneuvers in our communities? Are we witnessing an increase of individuals signing up to become law enforcement that have a deep and troubling desire and craving to live in a society where there are made up ‘bad guys’ and protocols to further derail the nation? A possible fantasy of living, breathing, and working in a militarized and occupied environment, under the illusion that they are rounding up hardened criminals…?


Another emotionally troubling fact is the increase use of military grade weapons by the SWAT teams including police departments, government agencies, and the State Police across America.

The Pentagon has distributed weapons to the police departments. Between 1995- 1997 alone, the Pentagon distributed to civilian police agencies across the nation, 3800 M-16s, 73 grenade, launchers, 2185 M14s, and 112 armed personal carriers. An unbelievable $500 Million in military equipment was given to local law enforcement by the Pentagon in 2011.

There is an incredible amount of evidence mounting to prove to the Citizens of America our police departments are coerced with propaganda and justifications are made to bust down the doors of Citizen’s homes, while making a ‘prediction’ that any individual inside the home may be a threat. Justification for murder…?

Using a disguise of ‘we are after the bad guys’, swat teams employ a soldier in foreign occupied country approach where all people are potential hostiles and under rules of engagement in a foreign occupied territory, the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not apply.

As the infographic points out, some raids from “frivolous to fatal” are occurring on a regular basis including:

– Show of might without reason – including a raid that the FDA, the State Police, and the US Marshal Service conducted on an Amish farm in 2011 for selling raw milk. Raw milk…?

– Causing accidental (or nonaccidental deaths) – An example shown was in Fairfax, Virginia; an optometrist was served with a warrant for illegal gambling and was shot to death by a SWAT member whose firearm accidentally discharged (allegedly).

– Home Invasion Scare with No Knock Policy – ArrestRecords.com continues to point out more fatalities with the No-Knock policies that are being implemented across the nation’s police departments. One example shown is when Tracy Ingle was “shot five times during a no-knock raid in North Little Rock, Arkansas.  After the police entered the house Tracy thought armed robbers had invaded his home and intended to scare them away with a non-working gun.”

Another notorious example of death by SWAT occurred in 2011 in Tucson when they opened fire on Marine Veteran Jose Guerena, 26, during a Marijuana drug raid on May 5, 2011. Once inside, the SWAT began firing over 60 times, murdering him in his own home in front of his wife and child. There were no drugs found at the scene. This deadly and unnecessary SWAT killing angered many people in Tucson, as well as the Oath Keepers, who took to the streets and protested against the violence.


The example of the fatality above has become the new norm of police-state paranoia. It is safe to say that the special elite paramilitary SWAT members are dangerously trained and indoctrinated to believe there is a war going on in our local communities. A war that requires para-military SWAT teams.

Other fails have also occurred including raiding the wrong address and ‘fatal information raids’ where the SWAT raided 57 year-old Alberta Spruill’s home and wherein he suffered a heart attack during the “traumatic police raid” and died a few hours later from the unethical and dangerous operation to serve a warrant.

The elite SWAT teams across the nation are not the only concern Americans should have at this moment in time. Police all across the nation (not just specially trained paramilitary SWAT) are using shoot-to-kill tactics that can only be explained as sick, immoral, dangerous, and psychotic.

Just yesterday, Federal Marshals shot and killed an unarmed man when they tried to apprehend a fugitive in a truck for outstanding warrants of child abuse and aggravated battery. Hence, the charges at first may lure the reader into dismissing the police reaction by using the excuse they got the bad guy, but the fact is, in America, the police are not given any authority by any means to be the executioner. This fugitive had a right to a jury by his peers to determine his innocent and/or guilt. Fury swept across bystanders as the police then tried to confiscate cell phones and evidence from the witnesses. Outrage..



This charade needs to end in America. The nation seems to be divided by different thoughts about the ‘new police’ and the post 9/11 paramilitary paranoia police training tactics and indoctrinating ideology of a war in our communities. This is to keep us all safe in our perfect worlds…. Yes? Let the professionals handle the crime fighting… Yes? It has to end and as the infographic points out, “the number of fatal raids where the officer kills or critically injures a person assuming the target is about to use a weapon is ever-increasing.”

The push to disarm Americans, label all gun-owners as mentally ill, and continue an endless failed drug war, where Americans are finding out the government themselves have been caught working with the drug cartels and shipping drugs in to be put on the streets. We have even learned recently there is major agenda behind the alleged false flag shootings and a deeper gun confiscation plot emerging. Recently, it has been exposed how the ATF and other agencies entrap the mentally ill and then arrest them. Just who are the police working for and how can these individuals sign up in the tyrannical system of disgrace?


Public distrust of the police is growing at a rapid rate. Intimidation tactics and super-soldier ideology is putting the Citizens of America on edge all over the nation. People of this nation are becoming furious with the police and their heartless and militarized ways of fighting the so-called crime. A simple traffic stop now has become a life or death situation in many minds of Americans. Why should we allow this nonsense to continue? Why should the taxpayers continue to fund such a war from within? It is a war… a war from within… As the federal government continues to hand out goodies for the local police departments to fulfill their dreams and desires to wreck America, the Citizens are beginning to take a stand against the profitable bread and butter operations lurking in the shadows of our communities. Is it time to disassemble the New Police?










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4 thoughts on “Elite Swat Teams & the Discovery of a Hostile Take-Over from Within

  1. A good way to fight the war on drugs?!The war on drugs is a joke,they really want to fight a war on drugs outlaw all the garbage being pushed and fed to citizens from pharmaceutical companies,oh yeah,and don’t be a hypocrite,outlaw booze and tobacco.End the gm products on food shelves/fructose syrups and the like and stop having taxpayers subsidize(welfare)these companies.All swat teams that murder citizens should have their names and addresses put up on the net.Make your home as hard to reasonably breach from criminals along with video setup to show the truth and culprits,whehter in uniform or not.

  2. The war on the ameriKan people are what this government ,Federal,State and Local has become and the swat teams are use to do their bidding in all of them. They are in no way there to protect us but are there to further a traitorous agenda at the barrel of a gun. If you believe that they are you are already a slave that has lost the ability to see what is right in front of you! This country is under attack by its leaders and the scum that protects them.

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