Emanuel Travels To China To Promote Chicago

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is traveling to China to promote trade with Chicago and city tourism.Daily Herald – by Associated Press

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is traveling to China to promote trade with Chicago and city tourism.

He’s set deliver remarks at Tsinghua University in Beijing on Monday morning and later at a Choose Chicago luncheon. He’s also scheduled to address the minister of commerce, vice mayors and leaders of several major Chinese cities to sign an agreement related to trade with Chicago.  

City officials say the memorandum of understanding will establish Chicago “as a gateway for Chinese investment.”

Chicago officials have worked to strengthen with China before.

Earlier this year, former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley and an official from World Business Chicago met with Chinese business and government leaders to lure investment and jobs to Chicago.

Former Chicago Mayor Richard Daley hosted Chinese officials in Chicago in 2011.



3 thoughts on “Emanuel Travels To China To Promote Chicago

  1. Good news, the jobs are coming back to Chicago just as soon as minimum wage is eliminated. Until then, best to invest before the banana republic boom.

  2. I remember a time when all of the world’s politicians would come to America for help and advice. Now all of our politicians are going over to China for help and advice. I guess that shows you we are no longer number one and independent, but that we are number two and dependent. So sad.

    Remember how it was Britain that was number one and then they became number two after the U.S. became number one after all that time. Now China is becoming number one (by political corruption and design of course) after the U.S. has been number one after all that time. It seems there is a historical trend that is going on where the control seems to keep moving West over a period of time. What’s next after China in a couple hundred years? Israel and the Middle East becoming number one and China becoming number two? That seems to be the trend and from that point, we are back to the start of where civilization began. Irony.

    By the way, China can keep Rahm. We don’t want him back. As a matter of fact, you have We the People’s permission to execute the mafia bastard since he committed sedition and high treason against our country.

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