Enemy Column Still 1100 Miles Away – 25 Days from Texas Border

Growing thousands a day, well fed, well watered and undoubtedly not far away from a gun. What is troubling is that the faces are changing daily; we have gone from faces of families to faces of young men, obviously looking for trouble. I’m having a hell of a time reconciling how Trump hasn’t acted on all of this. As far as I know, not one soldier has been put on the border, at least to show some kind of show of force, not one over-flight of our trillion dollar Air Force on or around the border whatsoever.  

Incredible that Trump’s people are keeping mum, not a word, nothing from Secretary of State, Department of Defense, or Homeland Security, as these enemy combatants have stated that they would fight to secure their positions during this march into our country.

What we have is a weak-ass president, a weak-ass Secretary of State, and a weak-ass Homeland Security. There should have been a couple of thousand troops sitting on the border two weeks ago, armed and squared away, with a couple of squadrons of jets overflying hourly just for shits and giggles. Just goes to show you how weak America looks in all of this, and what a joke we have for a president.

I could go on and on with this, but I’m too angry as all of you must be. I’m hoping that maybe somehow we can reach the idiots in Washington, mainly our circus barking president that this is unacceptable, and to act now or there is going to be hell to pay. No other major country in the world would put up with this crap, especially from countries the size of these third world ass-hats that are playing us like punks.

Somebody needs to draw up a petition, let these traitorous ignoramuses know how we feel about all of this. Trump should have been removed from office weeks ago, as no action has been taken, zero, zip, nada. We have a bunch of coward billionaires out there keeping their yap shut as well, gee, I wonder why?

This country has turned into a joke; we have a bunch of pansy assed, weak kneed punks in office.

9 thoughts on “Enemy Column Still 1100 Miles Away – 25 Days from Texas Border

  1. It’s a foreign invasion, and regardless which side of the false left/false right paradigm the sheeple are a part of, these invaders know they will be rewarded for crossing our borders illegally. They won’t stop there either until they take over the whole damn country. Republicans will welcome the cheap slave labor and the Democrats will welcome the votes and excuses to increase the taxes upon the impoverished middle class even more to pay for the illegals and their own mammon (not that it’s even possible anymore, an empty well gives no water). .

  2. Thank you, Mark, for calling it what it truly is. I get all pissed off at the dashboard whenever I hear the world “caravan” .

  3. There should be a very clear message sent to these criminal scum; STOP, turn around and go home or you will be KILLED!

    1. The criminal scum running this corporate for profit FRAUD who’s responsibility it is to secure our borders will NOT send any message to the criminal scum invaders.

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