Multiple people shot at Kroger grocery store in Kentucky

Fox 59

JEFFERSONTOWN, Ky.— Police say multiple people have been shot inside a grocery store on the outskirts of Louisville, Kentucky.

A dispatcher with the Jeffersontown Police Department said a suspect was detained following the shooting Wednesday afternoon at a Kroger store.  

The store is located on the eastern outskirts of Louisville.

The dispatcher says officers remain at the scene. The extent of injuries isn’t immediately known, but WDRB reports a woman who was caught in the crossfire has died.

8 thoughts on “Multiple people shot at Kroger grocery store in Kentucky

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  2. how do we even know that this event ever took place, bottom line is they want us all disarmed and helpless to the point to were they can put us all in a mass grave without any problem SAFLEY, so when they come for your guns give them Bullets First!

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