Eric Holder: Inability to Pass Gun Control My ‘Single Failure’

AP Photo/Manuel Balce CenetaBreitbart – by AWR Hawkins

On Sunday, MSNBC aired Melissa Harris-Perry’s interview of Attorney General Eric Holder and he said the “single failure” of his tenure as AG was the failure to secure gun control.

In the interview, Harris-Perry looked at Holder and said, “You once said the worst day in office was the day that you had to walk through the bloodied aftermath” following the heinous attack on Sandy Hook Elementary. She said, “Children were slaughtered in their classrooms and we have not made any meaningful progress on changing the access to guns in this country. Are we a nation of cowards when it comes to guns?”  

Holder responded:

Well, I’ll say this, [walking through the school] was the worst day I had as Attorney General. It is, I think the single failure that I point to in my time as Attorney General, that I was not able to… convince Congress to really follow the will of the American people — which was to enact meaningful, reasonable, gun safety measures. The gun lobby simply won.

Holder went to say he does not believe America is a “nation of cowards,” but he does believe “members of Congress need to have a little more backbone and stand up to what is a distinct minority, even within… the NRA.”

He did not address the resounding defeat Americans dealt to gun control and gun control candidates during the 2014 midterm elections. In one fell swoop they took the Senate away from Democrats, increased the Republican majority in the House and expanded the number of pro-gun governors across the country.

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13 thoughts on “Eric Holder: Inability to Pass Gun Control My ‘Single Failure’

  1. Yes, I’m sure that Holder and all the rest of the statists begrudge the fact that they have been unable to wrest guns away from the people in order to complete their stranglehold on us.

  2. thats right , you are a failure

    and everyone else that tries it will be a failure because were on to you and your game ..

  3. What a delusional egotistical psychopath.
    One failure?
    He sees his one failure as failing to adequately abuse his authority and fully shred what remains of the Bill of Rights.
    Plus, he just had to talk about his worst day when he had to speak about the Sandy Hoax without f**king up the fake narrative.
    The sick bastard just had to throw that in everyone’s face as a FU going away gesture.

  4. I am just happy that the hoax didn’t work His failure is our hope.
    Again I do not own a gun simply cant afford one but I do respect anyone’s right to own as many as they want.

  5. “convince Congress to really follow the will of the American people”. If he really knew what the will of the people was, he and his cronies would go and hang themself, because that is what the people really want.

  6. He forgot to mention the failure to keep Fast and Furious a cover up. It should’ve been him in Jasper about 20 yrs ago.

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