Eric Holder Is “Mad”, Wants The Ferguson Leakers To “Shut Up”

Western Journalism – by Justin Koski

Eric Holder is mad that there are “leakers” out there somewhere exposing all the evidence in the Ferguson shooting of Michael Brown.

His advice to the leakers: “Shut up!”

“I think that somebody–these leakers–have made the determination that they’re trying to somehow shape public opinion about this case,” Holder said.

“And that’s inconsistent with the way in which we conduct investigations, and especially grand jury investigations which are supposed to be secret.”

While the leaking may be inconvenient to the process, if Holder is upset about the leaked true information, why wasn’t there a cry of outrage when almost all of the media was trying to crucify officer Darren Wilson to push their agenda of white on black violence?

Now that the “leaked” evidence is proving Wilson’s story, of course Holder wants to quiet the crowds, because it is against the narrative he is trying to drive.

These leaks include evidence that two shots were fired inside the car during the struggle with Brown and Brown’s blood was found on the car, in the car, and on the gun, all evidence which would seem to support Wilson’s claim that Brown attacked him and not the claims that Brown was an innocent “gentle giant.”

Among the other evidence leaked are the autopsy reports of forensic pathologists verifying Wilson’s version of the event. They said that Wilson shot Brown in the hand, leading them to believe that Brown most likely was reaching for the weapon during the struggle in the car. The same findings revealed that the bullet wounds Brown sustained could not have occurred with his hands raised while surrendering, as the first witnesses falsely claimed. They had to come from Brown charging forward, toward Wilson.

Soon-to-be unemployed at the Department of Justice, Holder also said that the leaking of evidence began with the release of the video footage of Brown in the convenience store pushing the clerk around and stealing a box of cigars.

“These are all the kinds of things that I think are inappropriate. I’ve said I’m exasperated. That’s a nice way of saying it,” Holder said. “I’m mad.”

Holder also mentions that the leaks appear to be happening at the local law enforcement level and that a “wholesale change” in the department is not only needed, but is something he would endorse.

3 thoughts on “Eric Holder Is “Mad”, Wants The Ferguson Leakers To “Shut Up”

  1. I love it, really feels good to see them get all pissy .. hey welcome to the aggravation you created Holder

    How ‘Bout you STFU for a change, besides Holder is irrelevant as far as most people that matter are concerned

  2. Holder has been trying with all his might for 6 years to ignite the black population into burning down American cities – much to their credit they mostly did not rise to the bait. It was widely reported that he shipped in paid provocatuers to try and get the looting and burning going…
    Much has been written about how Holder will go down in history as the most criminal Attorney General…he has been a great comrade for Fuher Obama – you know Obama will miss his brand of treason against America (no doubt the search is on for another such criminal to replace him) – So he failed to get the balcks to burn down America and even the greatly contrieved mass shooting hoaxes failed to get him the gun law he wanted, but he has among his glories the Fast & Furious gun running crime to Mexican drug cartels for use against American border agents he managed so well for Obama….but mostly he just looks like a pathetic dirty little man who did his best to hurt America but wasn’t entirely successful…thank god.

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