Evacuations underway at Harvard University after reports of explosives on campus

New York Daily News – by Joe Kemp

Harvard University issued an evacuation notice after possible explosives were found on campus Monday.

Authorities with Cambridge Police Department and school officers descended on four sites at the Ivy League school that included it’s science center and freshman dorms.

“Alert: Unconfirmed reports of explosives at four sites on campus,” the school said in a Twitter message.  

“HUPD and CPD are on the scene and investigating,” read another tweet. “Stand by for more info. View emergency page for updates.”

Students, faculty and staff are being removed from Harvard’s Science Center and Thayer, Sever and Emerson buildings.

Sever Hall is a red-bricked building erected in the late 1800s that houses classrooms and lecture halls. Thayer Hall is a student dorm. The Science Center houses dozens of laboratories for multiple subjects, including astronomy, chemistry and physics. Emerson Hall, erected in 1905, serves as the home of the school’s philosophy department.


Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/explosives-found-harvard-university-campus-report-article-1.1549083#ixzz2neJbXsmg

2 thoughts on “Evacuations underway at Harvard University after reports of explosives on campus

  1. Either this is complete non-sense, and the “explosives” are ammo from someone’s cap-gun, or the bombs didn’t go off because there are too many Jews at Harvard, and it’ll be portrayed as a “foiled attempt at domestic terrorism”.

    One way or another, based on the source, I can guarantee this is BS.

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