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Published on Dec 15, 2013 by Libertytreeradio

Recommendations for local logistics support in your area of operation (AO). The 5/10 program is a way to build a deep logistic support system. Organize,arm,equip and train as a Militia for mutual defense. Liberty 1775

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  1. In 1215, Albegensian heretics were ravaging the French countryside killing all the Catholics they could find in every village, town, farm and hamlet. The Catholics gathered a band of men to fight back which consisted of 200 horse and 800 infantry (infantry then were just cannon fodder) with little training and battle experience to meet a force of 100,000 Albegensian all on horse, all battle hardened.

    100,000 battle hardened vs 1000 ill trained: The Catholics knelt down prayed the Rosary and attacked – the Albegensians were annihilated, the Catholics suffered an unbelievable two dead and eight wounded. – True story and many more like it.

    In 15th. century Spain: A small force of Catholic Knights faced a large overwhelming force of Muslims on a plane in Spain. The Catholic Knights prayed and charged the Muslims with a near supernatural courage of their faith, even thought outnumbered immensely. While the Catholic Knights charged, three men on horse “rode out of the clouds”, on these horses were St. Michael, St. Raphael, and St. Gabriel, the Archangels, who rode into the front ranks of the Knights of Isabella and assisted the Knights in annihilating the Muslim horde: True story – Today in Spain is a statue commemoration that battle and the assistance of the angels which was even recorded by the few enemy that survived that battle.

    Many Catholic mystics have warned of what is about to happen – sudden massive and violent civil war and revolution, then when all is in turmoil, Russia and China attack both Europe and America. The attack on America is to happen “with help for our enemies from withing our own government”. This is to happen very very soon, possibly by next late spring early summer.

    However, this time, these mystics say, shortly into this civil war and revoltion it will for the first time be made evident to “all” that this is a religious war, virtue against vice, and this will be made absolutely evident some time into this coming calamity and war.

    The mystics say that God is going to let our enemies punish us severely for abortion, homosexuality, pornography, contraception, drugs, immodesty in dress, but most of all for the “apostasy” the abandonment by both the hierarchy of the Church and the peoples of near 2000 years of true Christian doctrine and morality. At first the enemy, far superior in numbers, will win near everywhere but when, and only then, when God’s justice has been appeased, then He intervenes and turns the tide. All the enemies of God, His Church (within and without), of our country (within and without) will be annihilated.

    Many miraculous battles have been fought throughout history where a small force amazingly defeated a much larger force. But this time there will be, not at first, but after some months, divine intervention.

    So, these militia’s – are all the men in these militia’s, virtuous, meaning at least willing to amend their lives, to oppose abortion, homosexuality, pornography, are the women willing to dress modestly and both to try and lead virtuous lives, – if not then any of those in these militia members who are prone or support the above vices will be the “enemy”, cannot be trusted, and will be annihilated in the end, as they will be marked as enemies of God, His Church and our country.

    – Suggest you read at least the following:

    – JR Nyquist, For Patriots Who Think: Whats coming and who wins.
    – WW3 Prophecies and Visions from Central Europe: This is what will happen in Europe but will be similar here.
    – Prophecies of Alois Irimaier: Austrian mystics and American vision.

    These above are Catholic mystics of reputable character and reputation and just a few of the many who describe what is about to happen. You might also want to read what was read to over 5000 Marines before they embarked for Korea in 1951: A true story – “St. Michael and the Marine” online.

    One last note for history: Fact – During the American Revolutionary War, the Catholic population of America was only “1%” of the total population of America at the time, yet Washington’s army was 60% Irish Catholic and 20% German Catholic. Thanks to them we have America. The Mystics say though, that in this coming war, this revolution and civil war combined, to happen very soon, where we get invaded by the Russians and Chinese also, that Catholics and Protestants and some good men, all fight together and defeat our enemies completely.

    Whose side are you on and are you preparing your soul as much as your material preparation? This time it will mean your life or death.

    1. I do not believe those stories, you must remember most accounts were written either hundreds of years after or by someone out for political gain. Example being Saint Patric, almost nothing he did was true, they simply pumped him up long after he was dead for propaganda. Whenever you cite history remember that people, especially those in power be it government or religion… Like to add a couple dozen zeroes at the end of figures to make it sound more impressive than it actually was. This is why today when people actually dig around they find out that the 100,000 hoard was actually a few thousand and both sides suffered similar casualties.

      Not sure what your stories have to do with the video but here are some other battles:
      Iceland, Christians sent three invasion fleets over the course of two decades to force Christianity on the pagan Icelanders. The Icelanders wiped out all but one army, the final army they knew that if they won this battle there would be a crusade sent against them. They converted to avoid genocide at the hands of the Christians. They won the two battles fighting in the name of their pagan gods, they trounced the Christian invaders. Thanks to their unwilling conversion they managed to save a great deal of information about their religion so not all was lost to history or book burning.

      Muslims all but kicked Christians out of the middle east after seven crusades in the name of Alah.

      So what does this have to do with anything? Simple psychology. If you take anyone and pump them up on religion and tell them they are fighting in the name of God/Allah/Buddha/Odin/Danu/etc they will fight with new found power. Why? They believe they are going to win and if they fail well… They are damned because they failed to win for their god(s). Hitlers troops were all issued belt buckles that said “soldier of god” and sure enough it pumped them up and they took over almost the whole of Europe. In the name of Allah the Muslims drove Christians out of the middle east except at one port. The Japanese took over the Pacific and most coastal areas bolstered by their Shinto religion, I even have a little fold-up Shinto religious poster book from WW2 that was issued to some Imperial Soldier of the Rising Sun.

      Before I finish I need to make this remark to: If you pump an army up on religion you remove their fear, without fear they will fight with unholy strength no god(s) needed. They believe they are invincible and as such they no longer care, they will hack and slash their way in and out of any battle.

      Never fight in the name of religion less you want new crusades or Jihads, fight to uphold the constitution and everyone’s freedom, not for one group over the others… Everyone’s right to believe whatever they darn well want to without having anything forced down their throats. If we in America fight for religion this nation will become no different that Europe with its religious wars or the middle east with total loss of freedom for all but those of the “right” religion.

      Fight for the constitution and the rights of ALL not for religion less you want to repeat a very bloody part of world history.

      1. I think the stories of battles was to point out God steps in the affairs of men.

        “Fight for the constitution and the rights of ALL not for religion less you want to repeat a very bloody part of world history.” Right on.

  2. Jarheadusmc

    You are full of crap my friend. History is written by the victor.

    Go back and look at the atrocities the Catholic Church and Religion did through out history. Does the Inquisition and Reformation ring any bells?

    Look at what the Priests and Popes along with the Jews have done to children in recent history. Why should an imaginary god favor these narcissistic psychopaths?

    From birth people have had the idea that religion is the door way to eternal life and once an idea is planted in the brain it is near impossible to remove; it’s a psychosis. Especially when planted by loving parents who were brainwashed by their loving parents into believing there is a god and reinforced by the church that never lies and is hypothetically gods extension and the child molesting Pope is god on earth. I am not going to get to long-winded on this, because I know many will violently disagree with me. The bible is a myth and all Religion is BS

    1. The Other Mark,
      I am not gonna violently disagree with you, but it sounds like you have a problem with organized religion. There are a lot of true Christians that do not believe the BS that is put out in church, but still believe in God. A lot of atheists became atheists because of the church. There is a lot more to our creator than you will ever hear about from any pope or preacher in a 501c church. Churches like the ones mentioned above have caused a lot of violence. True Christians don’t follow groups like that.
      We could discuss this forever and probably not change each others minds. I would just suggest that you not totally discount God or his existence. Try to keep looking for the possibility that you could be wrong. 🙂

  3. Bulldog my friend

    Without getting off on a number of tangents to make my point I will say this.

    I am not here to change anyone’s mind that is not my path.

    What is a true Christian? Someone who believes in Christ and Jesus is the Christ.

    Jesus the man may or may not have existed we can only go by what the Bible and Churches teach.

    From my studies I and no other historian can’t find any historical evidence that Jesus existed out side of the Bible.
    • Justin Martyr (c. 100-c. 165), who obviously pored over Josephus’s works, makes no mention of the TF.
    • Theophilus (d. 180), Bishop of Antioch–no mention of the TF.
    • Irenaeus (c. 120/140-c. 200/203), saint and compiler of the New Testament, has not a word about the TF.
    • Clement of Alexandria (c. 150-211/215), influential Greek theologian and prolific Christian writer, head of the Alexandrian school, says nothing about the TF.
    • Origen (c. 185-c. 254), no mention of the TF and specifically states that Josephus did not believe Jesus was “the Christ.”
    • Hippolytus (c. 170-c. 235), saint and martyr, nothing about the TF.
    • The author of the ancient Syriac text, “History of Armenia,” refers to Josephus but not the TF.
    • Minucius Felix (d. c. 250), lawyer and Christian convert–no mention of the TF.
    • Anatolius (230-c. 270/280)–no mention of TF.
    • Chrysostom (c. 347-407), saint and Syrian prelate, not a word about the TF.
    • Methodius, saint of the 9th century–even at this late date there were apparently copies of Josephus without the TF, as Methodius makes no mention of it.
    • Photius (c. 820-891), Patriarch of Constantinople, not a word about the TF, again indicating copies of Josephus devoid of the passage, or, perhaps, a rejection of it because it was understood to be fraudulent.

    In Josephus’s Antiquities of the Jews appears the notorious passage regarding Christ called the “Testimonium Flavianum
    T F”
    “Now, there was about this time, Jesus, a wise man, if it be lawful to call him a man, for he was a doer of wonderful works,–a teacher of such men as receive the truth with pleasure. He drew over to him both many of the Jews, and many of the Gentiles. He was [the] Christ; and when Pilate, at the suggestion of the principal men amongst us, had condemned him to the cross, those that loved him at the first did not forsake him, for he appeared to them alive again the third day, as the divine prophets had foretold these and ten thousand other wonderful things concerning him; and the tribe of Christians, so named from him, are not extinct at this day.” (Whitson, 379)

    When the evidence is scientifically examined, it becomes clear that the entire Josephus passage regarding Jesus was forged, likely by Church historian Eusebius, during the fourth century. In “Who on Earth was Jesus Christ?” David Taylor details the reasons why the TF in total must be deemed a forgery, most of which arguments, again, were put forth by Dr. Lardner:
    • “It was not quoted or referred to by any Christian apologists prior to Eusebius, c. 316 ad.
    • “Nowhere else in his voluminous works does Josephus use the word ‘Christ,’ except in the passage which refers to James ‘the brother of Jesus who was called Christ’ (Antiquities of the Jews, Book 20, Chapter 9, Paragraph 1), which is also considered to be a forgery.
    • “Since Josephus was not a Christian but an orthodox Jew, it is impossible that he should have believed or written that Jesus was the Christ or used the words ‘if it be lawful to call him a man,’ which imply the Christian belief in Jesus’ divinity.
    • “The extraordinary character of the things related in the passage–of a man who is apparently more than a man, and who rose from the grave after being dead for three days–demanded a more extensive treatment by Josephus, which would undoubtedly have been forthcoming if he had been its author.
    • “The passage interrupts the narrative, which would flow more naturally if the passage were left out entirely.
    • “It is not quoted by Chrysostom (c. 354-407 ad) even though he often refers to Josephus in his voluminous writings.
    • “It is not quoted by Photius, Patriarch of Constantinople (c. 858-886 ad) even though he wrote three articles concerning Josephus, which strongly implies that his copy of Josephus’ Antiquities did not contain the passage.
    • “Neither Justin Martyr (110-165 AD), nor Clement of Alexandria (153-217 ad), nor Origen (c.185-254 AD), who all made extensive reference to ancient authors in their defence of Christianity, has mentioned this supposed testimony of Josephus.
    • “Origen, in his treatise Against Celsus, Book 1, Chapter 47, states categorically that Josephus did NOT believe that Jesus was the Christ.
    • “This is the only reference to the Christians in the works of Josephus. If it were genuine, we would have expected him to have given us a fuller account of them somewhere.”
    Excerpted from Suns of God: Krishna, Buddha and Christ Unveiled by Acharya S.

        1. surley you are not that thick,doesnt matter it’s a FREEWILL TYPE OF THING apparently you are unable to grasp !!!!!!!!!!

    1. The Other Mark,
      Our founding fathers, and I mean the men on the ground, were overwhelmingly Christian. The ‘Shot heard around the world’ on Lexington Green was right outside of the Lexington meeting house, as in a church following a meeting, and I guarantee you the men who won this country through bloody battle were praying all the way. And after they won this country, they founded a Christian nation and it was not until the churches were corrupted by the atheistic communists that we lost our morality and in the process we have reached the point that we are close to losing our country.
      The very moral restraint that prevents slaughter through ignorance is the moral restraint you are arguing against.
      The fact is the 1st Article to our Bill of Rights guarantees each man and woman the right to believe whatever they choose and to practice their beliefs as they see fit.
      I am not a Christian but I absolutely prefer to live among real Christians as it is a happier life with the caring for one another and all. There have to be some ties that bind us and the fact is, to enforce the Constitution is to enforce decency in the public square.
      Never say anything is impossible as that is a fool’s statement. Improbable and inconceivable maybe, but in this vast universe with infinite possibilities, nothing is impossible. Remember, the idea that the sky went beyond a roof over the earth was absolutely inconceivable once upon a time. The fact is our learning process is nothing more than finding the elements necessary to make the inconceivable conceivable. It is kind of like the people who think humans should exterminate themselves for the earth. If we were not here to conceive the earth, would it exist?
      The bottom line, we are here to talk about taking our Republic back, not to argue theology. Believe what you want to believe and leave others unharassed to do the same.

        1. Thank you. May we all find happiness in a way that does not diminish the happiness of others. That should be the goal.

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