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    Let’s assume you’re both a very intelligent, and very responsible person. You probably paid close attention to your teachers, did all your homework, all the required reading, scored very high on the S.A.T.s, and went to a good college.

After work you might peruse the websites of The New York Times, The Washington Post, and possibly the Wall Street Journal, because as a responsible citizen, you’re well aware of the importance of being well-informed, so nothing less than America’s “papers or record” will do.   

You know everything now. And because you’re intelligent, well educated, and well-informed, your opinions should be important, and usually, if not always, the morally superior opinion that can only be the product of your enlightened thinking.

Now I’m going to ask you to imagine a different world. You’re still an intelligent and responsible person, but just like any human, regardless of how intelligent you may be, your store of knowledge at birth was only a blank slate, and as an adult, you can only form opinions and make decisions based on the information and teachings that were made available to you during the course of your life.

Let’s imagine that you paid close attention to your teachers, and they kept telling you that one plus one equals three. Your arithmetic textbook confirmed the teacher’s wisdom, so you wrote that on test day and saw it marked as correct when the test was returned. If you had said “one plus one equals two”, you may have been left back, or forced to wear a dunce cap.

After graduation, you got a good job because at the interview, you remembered that one plus one equals three, and the boss smiled and shook your hand. Before dinner, The New York Times lays out all the one plus one equals three news that’s fit to print, and at midnight, you watch the eleven o’clock news on TV. You can always rely on the TV news anchor to mock the lunatics who are trying to convince people that “one plus one equals two”. They really ought to be locked up because they’re only hurting the nation.

Then one morning, you might have an epiphany. You might hold up one finger on each hand and count them. And you might do that over and over again, and consistently arrive at two when you’re done. It’s a disturbing revelation, and you wish it weren’t true, but nonetheless, there’s no escaping the proof inherent in the counting process.

And that’s when you become one of the crazies. You understand how everyone is being deceived, and you realize the significance of it. You see the danger it’s put people in, so you also see the importance of disseminating the truth. You might become part of a “one plus one truth movement” to warn your countrymen before it’s too late, and during your tenure there you might meet many people with new revelations regarding how the entire country has been lied to, about a lot more than just arithmetic.

But simply everybody thinks one plus one equals three. How could so many people have been fooled? Why do they think I”m crazy for insisting that one plus one equals two?

To answer the questions of the confused truth-seeker from our imaginary, and arithmetically fraudulent world, we’ll have to go back to that blank slate that your mind was at birth. Who had access to it, and what did they choose to fill it with? How can an entire population believe the same, obvious lie?

But to avoid any unnecessary confusion in the real-world truth seeker, we’ll leave the bad arithmetic in the imaginary world, and answer the same questions in our best assessment of what today’s real world is.

Who filled your blank slate? What were you taught, who taught it to you, and who decided that it was what you should be taught? And most importantly, how do you know it’s correct?

How much of your present store of knowledge has been thoroughly scrutinized by yourself, and how much of it was delivered by “trusted sources of information”? What convinced you that those trusted sources are indeed trustworthy? And out of the hundreds of thousands of books written, why were you told to read this hundred or that hundred, and not the thousands of others? Why are so many of the hundreds of thousands unavailable?

If you give the above-listed questions some thought, it becomes obvious that most, if not all of what we know was told or taught to us by others rather than discovered by ourselves. Most people who study history, for example, believe what’s been written in history books rather than travel the planet to interview witnesses or unearth the original documentation associated with historic events. We don’t call informed people in all fifty states to find out what’s going on; we read a newspaper, or watch the TV news, and we trust that what they’re telling us is true.

So just for a minute, forget everything you were taught in school and instead ask yourself “who decided what I was to be taught in school?” Out of all the knowledge in humanity’s possession, why was I taught what I know, and who decided that these things should be what I know? What danger could result from all of these decisions being made by the members of one religion, political faction, or movement?

Let’s begin by examining the sources of what we know. To most of us, our parents imparted more behavioral guidelines than knowledge, the beginnings of which usually originated with the public school system. After that there was college, but during both the media’s information was also consumed. We’ve read a lot of books of our own choosing, and learned a lot from doing so. We also glean some knowledge and information from the people in our social circles, but it’s usually considered less important or less credible than what we’re shown by the news media.

So I think we can agree that most of what we would consider to be “trusted knowledge” has been delivered to us through our education, the various media, and books we’ve read, so the next obvious step would be to discover who’s responsible for the content of all of the above.

Who sits on your state’s Board of Regents, and decided what your school curricula would be? Who owns the publishing companies that decide which books will be made available to the public? Who owns the media?

We don’t give these questions much thought because we’ve been raised with the belief of genuine competition existing among all these entities that would naturally result in the best possible result, but on closer examination, we do discover that the apparent competition is a farce, and that there is indeed a small faction of people who have total control over almost everything we know.

And although they may seem to most of us like competing parties, there exists among them an underlying motive that’s never betrayed by their superficial competition, so the illusion of competition always remains intact.

The fact of the matter is that both your public school and college curricula has been dictated by Zionists, who also own all the major publishing companies, and every national media outlet. This one small political faction decides what we’ll learn in school, regardless of how much school we pursue, what books we’re allowed to read, and what you’ll read in the newspaper, or see in movies or on TV.

I won’t mention here the Zionists’ control over our banking, political, medical, and legal systems, but instead I’ll remind you that Jews comprise less than two percent of the U.S. population, and Zionists are a smaller subset of that group. To suggest that this all-encompassing control can fall into the hands of so few people of an identical religion and political agenda through random competition would be absurd. It was only made possible by first controlling everything you know.

One plus one really does equal three, and science is sorcery, medicine is murder, and protection is abuse. Those described as lunatics by the media, are the people who know that one plus one equals two. If you’re an intelligent and responsible person, you’ve probably noticed by now that we’re surrounded by lies, and now you also know their source. And you should also know that it’s time to question everything you know.         —  Jolly Roger

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
– William Casey, ex- CIA Director

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”
– J. Edgar Hoover, ex-FBI director on the New World Order conspiracy  

5 thoughts on “Everything You Know

  1. During the recent press conference, Dumbo chose only jew reporters to ask
    questions. Subverting the truth. No tough questions to worry about.

  2. Another excellent article, JR. Love the school analogy. It definitely gets you to think back on your life and to imagine growing up in an alternate parallel world. Love this kind of thought. The imaginative possibilities are endless.

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