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  1. Just driving a little bitty delivery truck to construction sites for years let me know that my “pissed-off-o-meter” ain’t resilient enough for piloting large vehicles.
    You poor drivers are just trying to make a living while staying alive!
    The 4wheelers hafta be in front of ANY truck, well, because, …well they just gotsta be in front!
    My little secret is to fall in behind an empty flatbed combo.

    1. Hi Stew

      I’ve got this goddamn smart cruise control, it’s got radar and you set the following distance and the truck automatically follows to that distance, speeds up and slows down by itself. Makes it difficult to pass, so you have to think waaaaay in front of the truck.

      Many states have 80 MPH speed limits now. I get down in those states while the other green horns are stuck at governed speeds, fly by them like they’re driving a moon landrover.

      If you want to pass you can either change lanes into a clear lane with nobody in front, or switch off the cruise and go to war with everybody, both options suck. Usually what happens is the other trucks see you coming and they pull in front of you right before you pass because they want to pass too. Hence the war over the CB, then the finger, sometimes they will follow your ass into a truck stop and open your door and start shit. Had that happen twice, now I carry bear spray, a taser, and a knife Henry gave me. Custom sharpened just for that reason.

      I have a fast truck, faster than 90 percent out here, that pisses people off too, because they’re driving governed trucks, 64-68 MPH. I’m faster and I use that speed too my advantage daily just for passing and staying in front, pisses everybody off, do I give a shit? 🙂 NOPE!

    1. This is that pawn shop celebrity guy Steve, maybe you already knew that, you know how he calls in the expert when hes not sure about what hes buying? LMAO

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