Explosion That Injured at Least 29 an ‘Intentional Act,’ NYC Mayor Says

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An explosion that injured at least 29 people in New York City late Saturday appeared to be “an intentional act,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said, as sources told Fox News a second device — a pressure cooker — was found four blocks away.  

De Blasio said the explosion had no known connection to terrorism and wasn’t related to a pipe bomb explosion at a charity run in New Jersey earlier Saturday.

“Tonight, New York City experienced a very bad incident,” de Blasio said at a news conference near the scene in Chelsea. “We have no credible and specific threat at this moment.”

The blast, which happened at around 8:30 p.m. on West 23rd Street, appeared to originate from a construction toolbox in front of a building, a law enforcement official told The Associated Press. A garbage can was found mangled nearby.

Less than three hours after the explosion, investigators located a pressure cooker inside a plastic bag at West 27th Street that was attached to wiring and a cellphone, a law enforcment source told Fox News. It was not clear what was inside the device. Police advised residents of the block where the pressure cooker was found to stay away from windows facing 27th Street.


Early Sunday, police said the pressure cooker had been removed from the area and would be taken to the department’s firing range in the Bronx for further analysis. Pressure cooker bombs placed inside garbage cans were used by the terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon in 2013.

At least 24 people were taken to hospitals with injuries, New York Police Department spokesman J. Peter Donald said. One of the people injured in the blast suffered a puncture wound that was considered serious. Officials said the other injuries were minor, described mostly as scrapes and bruises. All of the injured were expected to survive, the FDNY reported.

Fox News was told there had been no prior intelligence suggesting Saturday’s events may have been imminent. Sources also said it did not appear to be a gas explosion.

The FBI and NYPD would not rule out terrorism as a possible factor but law enforcement sources told Fox News it was too early to determine the exact cause. Police did not say whether they had any potential suspects. Homeland Security officials and the ATF arson and explosive task force were also aiding the investigation.

Witnesses said the explosion blew out the windows of businesses and scattered debris in the area. One witness told Fox News the explosion sent a “big cloud of black smoke” into the air as people ran from the scene. Another said a fireball shot into the air as a nearby building shook.

Jon Avidor, who lives near the blast site, said mirrors fell off his walls when the explosion occurred.

“I thought it might be a bomb just because it felt like one,” Avidor told “Fox & Friends.”

Police counterterrorism officers, a bomb squad and firefighters rushed to the scene.

“All hands are on deck,” de Blasio said.

The blast happened in front of a residence for the blind, near a major thoroughfare with many restaurants and a Trader Joe’s supermarket.

“We are closely monitoring the situation and urge New Yorkers to, as always, remain calm and vigilant,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

The White House said President Barack Obama has been apprised of the explosion, which came hours after a pipe bomb exploded in Seaside Park, N. J. That blast occurred shortly before thousands of runners participated in a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors. No injuries were reported.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump described the incident as a “bomb” going off and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said she had been briefed on “bombings in New York and New Jersey.”

Fox News’ Matt Dean, Peter Doocy, Kelly Chernenkoff, Bryan Llenas, Chad Pergram and The Associated Press contributed to this report.


20 thoughts on “Explosion That Injured at Least 29 an ‘Intentional Act,’ NYC Mayor Says

    1. Probably. Video footage of “explosion” also shows same puff of dust EXACTLY like the cafe “shooting” in Paris during their multiple attack drill that showcased Bataclan theatre.

      1. Its laughable that terror attacks in the west never gain the terrorists political support, wealth and or territory, they never seem to hit high value or tactical targets and they only embolden their enemies to justify foreign wars and domestic police states.

  1. I find it odd that it occurred in Chelsea, NY. After all the speculation last Sunday on 9/11 with Hitlerly going to Chelsea’s apartment after her fainting spell. Coincidence? Interesting.

    1. Now don’t go gettin all esoteric on us now.
      But I do have a spare tin foil for you in case you need a spare.
      I usually get mine at the dollar store.
      Foil that is…..
      Ain’t synchronicity a btch sometimes. .?
      I would tip toe threw the spiritual world.
      Some people see it….while others don’t have a frickin clue.


      1. I’ve got my tinfoil hat on, but I could use some extra. Heck, my neck is starting to hurt! I’m seeing the synchronicity for sure. I no longer believe in coincidences. 🙂 <3

  2. I’m sure it will come out later that it was made under Fed supervision, that’s why the second one was found. Same playbook different day.

    1. Funny that they use phones these days and not timers.

      Anonymous Phone Number… (Stolen Phone would be disconnected.)

      I guess the masses have to get the idea that that is the way to do it.
      Same with a dead man button on a bomb, that it will go off when you push it. (Dirty Bomb movie playing in London, England.) Instead of when you release it when you get shot dead.

    1. Including false flag and propaganda purposes to get some more draconian laws on the books that will take even more Rights down, we will never know.

      The enemy or our government sure work hand in hand.

  3. This blast coming just days after two detrimental leaks on the east coast. Coincidental? Maybe. Seems easy to turn people and their attention with media propaganda these days. I’m calling diversion on this one. I could be wrong, but history has a habit of repeating itself.

    1. I agree that this was a diversion to keep people from talking about the pipeline issue, as it has begun to heat up lately and the recent pipeline break along the East coast didn’t help them any either. They definitely needed another distraction story and this was it.

  4. The large white church with the fire ladder reaching toward it (see top photo)
    is the old St. Vincent de Paul Church which closed in January of 2013. It is presently empty. Also note that this incident took place in front of a residence for the blind. Sure cuts down on the number of witnesses. lol

  5. Ban pressure cookers, yep, that’s the ticket. Notice how they inserted that tidbit into the story line?

    It sure was a high value target, the American mindset. Or, they have an overstock on asswipe. Be afraid, very afraid! Plenty of TP to go around for the mindless sheeples. Baa, Baa, Baa.

    1. we especially need to ban high capacity pressure cookers Millard. We cant have those things in everybodys hands. we must require background checks on people who buy assault pressure cookers as well. I’m sure husein obama is on it.

  6. “The FBI and NYPD would not rule out terrorism as a possible factor but law enforcement sources told Fox News it was too early to determine the exact cause.”

    Translation: “We haven’t decided who to blame yet. We’re still looking into all the possibilities.”

    “Police did not say whether they had any potential suspects.”

    Translation: They have a plethora of potential ‘suspects’… too many to choose from.

    “Homeland Security officials and the ATF arson and explosive task force were also aiding the investigation.”

    With the ‘aid’ of Mossad/CIA, no doubt.

    “We are closely monitoring the situation and urge New Yorkers to, as always, remain calm and vigilant,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.”



  7. Those darn Feds…ermmm, I mean terrorists. They can’t even detonate their pressure cooker bombs correctly.

    I like how they just picked it up and took it back to the analyzer to have it labbed after they “disarmed it.”
    Don’t they usually just blow these devices up on site?

    Somebody’s got the script all wrong. They’re only supposed to use the pressure cooker bomb scenario when there’s a footrace going on.
    Pipe bomb…pressure cooker bomb….quantum matter nullification device….who can keep track anymore?

  8. A dipshit worker failed to lose the top on my pool filter.
    It operates under pressure.
    I told him to get the right size o-ring to make it closed all the way.
    It closed exactly like a pressure cooker.
    He was incompetent and lazy and fired it up anyways.
    Yes it “blew up”. Emphasis on the UP.
    I have no clue about explosive of any kind, but I have studied materials science and failure modes.
    A pressure cooker seems ideal if you want the blast to primarily go up.
    I think this (and the Boston bombing) are bullshit stories.
    I think they want to encourage any “terrorists” to use pressure cookers because they are shitty for making a useful bomb.
    Just my opinion.

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