8 thoughts on “The True Trencher’s Target

  1. Well, make him believe that he is Free, and Brave. Give him a proud society to be apart off, with equals that believe and thus conform to him the same. Give him symbols and sounds to feel proud off, and most of all make him constantly confirm to others that he is Free, and Brave, and others that aren’t like him, aren’t. Make him voluntarily forget the indiscretions by his masters or their representatives by not believing the proof. Most importantly make him believe that the invasions in his Pre-Republic rights that were handed down over time by the generations before him are either for his own good, or for the children, and never to keep the masters safe from his anger and revenge in the case he finds out, that the blinders he kept on his mind, were there to keep him imprisoned in the prison the masters set up for him. He might not be a Matrix battery, but for sure he has become fodder for whatever fate the masters planned for him.

    Did I forget anything?

  2. You nailed it Koyote.
    The real tyrants are few.
    But their selfish, unaware, pompous, know it all servants are all around us. They call us conspiracy theorists and they’re smarter than us, because their knowledge is their belief.

    1. Yes, Bob. Weaponizing the stupid and swaying the minds and direction of the gun barrels of those who cling to false hopes towards those who embrace truth and reality is what they are doing.

      The “almost got it patriots”, oathbreakers, and blind followers of symbolisms that used to represent US but have been hijacked by the occupying regime, will be used by the enemy. God rest their souls and smile on their shallow thoughts of good intentions but they will still have to be covered in dirt every bit the same as the avowed zio-joo commie that they serve for US to be free.

  3. The ‘see something, say something’ adherents will be our least visible enemies, once the SHTF.

    Know your neighbors.


  5. Yes. “The Bare Truth”, aka REALITY! It isn’t just that most Americans can’t handle the “bare truth”, but even moreso, most Americans can’t handle REALITY!

    REALITY is why I live where I do (far west Texas, where reality hits you in the butt every day). REALITY is why I do what I do (read the Bible, tell the truth, read FromTheTrenchesWorldReport, drive javelinas out of our garden, kill varmints, house and garden, love God and my neighbor, and yes, keep on guard against the ‘see something say something” crowd that is everywhere, resist evil, and fight evil…you get the idea), and refuse to conform to this world.

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