Exposed: Online Community Leaks Identity of Dakota Pipeline Dog Attackers


The Saturday attacks on Native-Americans who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) gained national attention in social media over the weekend, spurring an outcry for justice. As a result, many citizens have demanded the identity of the privately hired security forces who attacked unarmed citizens – including a child and pregnant woman – be exposed, and through the collaboration of the online community, that’s exactly what happened.  


Source: Facebook

Ashley Nicole Welch, the woman pictured in the photo above, has bore much of the brunt of people’s anger as she was the main aggressor among the hired security, according to witnesses. It appears she was the first to be exposed out of the group:

Welch’s aggression is apparent in the footage captured by Democracy Now! shown below:

Democracy Now! reporter, Amy Goodman, confronts Welch in the video:

Ma’am, your dog just bit this protestor. Are you telling the dogs to bite the protestors? The dog has blood in its nose and its mouth.”

Shortly after being asked if she was attacking protestors, Welch can be seen lunging her dog at the crowd in front of the rest of the security team. Among those included on her team, and identified along with her, is Robert “Bob” Frost and Ricardo Bullard. The following information on Welch has been leaked:

Ashley Nicole Welch

Owner/Operator of ANW Quarter Horses

12401 Snow Rd., Burton, Ohio 44021, USA

Phone#: 1-440-537-2517


Approximate age: 30 years

Parents: Doug and Kim Welch


Source: Public Domain

Welch and her accomplices apparently use dogs that are trained at:

Frost Kennels

9038 Edison St.

Louisville, OH 44641

Phone: 1-330-267-8014



Ashley Nicole Welch’s review of Frost Kennels. Source: Facebook

Citizens are now demanding that Welch and her accomplices be held accountable for their actions, preferably through legal means, however it has been commented that a peaceful public shaming is in order, as well. We here at Anonymous are happy to oblige.



10 thoughts on “Exposed: Online Community Leaks Identity of Dakota Pipeline Dog Attackers

  1. Just putting her ugly mug on the internet for all to gaze upon in horror should be plenty of shaming. I can’t tell which horse is Ashley, the one on two legs or four?

  2. I think publicly identifying authoritarian evildoers (especially government pigs, but private goons as well) is one of the most important tactics the Liberty Movement has at its disposal.

    However, it’s CRUCIAL that no mistakes be made. That means ZERO cases of mistaken identity. The last thing we want is for someone to go off and retaliate (even legally) against an innocent person.

  3. “Ma’am, your dog just bit this protestor. Are you telling the dogs to bite the protestors? The dog has blood in its nose and its mouth.”

    Why haven’t charges been filed against her?

    Why wasn’t the dog tested for rabies? That’s the usual response when someone is bitten.

        1. That would be something the Jury would have to decide not?

          Just imagine it is your kid mauled by an attack dog… What would you do?

          Beside thinking that you shouldn’t protest, and that it (Being mauled by an attack dog of another private citizen.) is a justified punishment (If they are payed for such “actions”) in the land of the free and brave.

  4. Quick.
    Call in Cesar Milan. The”dog whisperer”.

    If this is really the right “person”, then I will say again.
    Karma is watching.

  5. Here’s an idea, the Native American Indians should all bring some hot dogs to the protest and throw them at any barking dogs and watch how fast they betray their owners and protect them instead. Dogs can’t resist weiners. lol

  6. Now these”private contractors” will all start wearing coward masks.
    Just like all Isis “contractors” started doing, all of a sudden, everywhere in the world, at the same time.
    Even in the Middle East when it’s 100+ degrees.
    Why cover your face if it’s a suicide mission?
    They just can’t allow anyone to out them as paid “contractors” from israel, the USA and other arab countries.
    Oh. I forgot. ISIS has air conditioning in all of those brand new Toyota trucks we gave them, via israel.

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