This Is What Extreme Security In “America’s Safest School” Looks Like

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Welcome to Southwestern High School in suburban Indiana, where the classrooms door are bullet-resistant…  

…ceilings have built-in smoke-bombs…

…cameras are everywhere, and the Sheriff’s department – only 10 miles away – can track an intruder in real-time.

Additionally, as The Daily Signal reports, the school has a top-of-the-line security system – which can be activated in the event of an emergency by teachers who wear special key fobs – that has been called “revolutionary” and is reported to have cost $400,000. It was installed after the Indiana Sheriff’s Association selected the school as a test site.

“I think that Newtown, Sandy Hook, really made people understand, made us all understand that this could happen to us,” Dr. Paula Maurer, Southwestern Consolidated Schools superintendent, told local affiliate Fox59.

“Now is the time to do something about it. We have some answers. We have the technology. We have ways to make our kids safer and we have to do it.”

The system came at no cost to Southwestern High School after Net Talon, the Virginia security company behind the design, offered to fund the installation. The school also used grant money to cover some costs. It raises the question of whether such a system could be implemented elsewhere and, perhaps more glaringly, how it would be funded.

8 thoughts on “This Is What Extreme Security In “America’s Safest School” Looks Like

  1. No thanks. I’ll educate mine at home where they can learn without constantly wondering if a bad dude’s going to shoot ’em up.

    The only smoke bombs here are from cooking.

  2. “Sheriff’s department – only 10 miles away”
    so they can show up just in time to be late for the event

    the collective burns

  3. This school is less than an hour from my AO. The schools nearer to me cannot be entered without standing in a box with your D.L. In hand outside the front entrance in front of a camera, and identifying yourself and the purpose for your visit. Only after the gatekeeper permits you in will the door be unlocked for entrance.
    I warn parents that should a “lockdown” of the school take place for the purpose of instituting a government takeover of the people, there would be ( short of a full-on military assault) NO ABILITY TO REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN FROM THE BUILDING. Your child(ren) would then be literally held captive until such time as the CORPORATION decides (or doesn’t decide) to free them. So, yes…. Just like a prison as stated by Freedom Paluzza above.

    1. As been told with the most recent alleged shooting
      All that has to be done to thwart the security is to pull the fire alarm

      Was talking to a nurse in a local hospital
      She told me the protocol on a fire alarm is every area has a supervisor and they are to gather at a certain location in the building
      Not to run outside
      Due to the possibility of an ambush outside the building

      Smart thinking
      Than once it’s verified there is infact a fire
      Than to exit

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