Facebook…I Can’t Believe You Fell for It…Again

Beginning in the fall of 2011, the international elite started pumping the US stock market up, in an attempt to get those Americans who still had a little money in the bank, to invest.  They saw $15 trillion in private savings and 401K retirement accounts, just waiting to be stolen.  They would pump a few billion dollars in, coupled with a propaganda campaign saying “strong recovery” and the stock market would shoot up by a couple hundred points.

Then when they saw no one was biting, they would pull their money out, the stock market would fall, and they would start devising a new scheme.  This is when they realized that those Americans who still had money left were not going to be so easily fooled.

So the next plan would have to move slower in order to convince their marks that the recovery was real this time.  So they slowly fed tens of billions of dollars in and put forth the propaganda designed to create the illusion.  All of the sudden it was starting to look like a modest recovery with modest gains on the market.  And still the investors were very cautious.

But there had to be a way to sucker the suckers in.  Then came Facebook.  The corporate owned media hyped Facebook from every angle.  And then came the public offer.  Of course the media created a scenario wherein just a handful of ultra elitist rich were going to make a mint off the deal and the average Joe was not going to be allowed to participate.  And then they said, maybe just a few lucky small timers will be let in on the deal.

They felt the pole bend in their hand as millions of regular folk were on the phone with their stock brokers, trying to get a piece of the action.  The stock brokers, they played the game oh so coy, telling their marks, “I might can get my hands on some shares, but we are going to have to put in a good portion of your portfolio in order to seal the deal.”

Then came the big day and BAM, billions were transferred from private savings accounts and 401Ks, directly into the accounts of the international banksters that orchestrated the con.  Now we are watching the stock market fall as the seed money is being retrieved.

I can’t believe you people fell for it again, but you can’t say we didn’t warn you.  Now to those of you who still have something left, a little free advice, from someone who will tell you right out the gate, I don’t like you as I am sick of living with the consequences of your stupidity.  But if you have any intelligence you will transfer all your wealth into gold and silver and other precious metals.  This will save you, not that you deserve to be saved, and not that I wouldn’t like to see you completely destroyed.

You see my motives are selfish.  This economy is going down hard and after we have taken our country back and restored our Republic under our Constitution we are going to need as much gold, silver, and other precious metals in our country as is possible to start a new currency system.  This will have to hold us over while we are recovering our wealth.

This will be a short term benefit to you.  I say short term because we will be examining the records to see how you managed to thrive while the rest of us were being dispossessed.  If you came by your wealth honestly, you have nothing to fear.  If not we are going to take it away from you and deport you as punishment.

But look at it this way.  At least with us you get to keep it a while longer, that is if you do not fall for another scam like Facebook in the meantime, dummies.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

12 thoughts on “Facebook…I Can’t Believe You Fell for It…Again

  1. We often hear our country described as a welfare state, and we’re led by the demon republicrats toward socialism. Truth is, usa has been a socialist state since the war of northern aggression. Thing is, our socialist state gives 95% of the collection plate to the1%, and keeps the rest of us around as amusement, while they demean and try to kill us. They don’t want to kill us all, as they need subservient slaves. Glad I’m too old, but I cry for my grandchildren.

  2. Back in school, if you stole something from somebody and they found out, a painful beating was guaranteed. those days were not so long ago. Now compensation is added to the beating.

  3. I was with you right until you said “transfer your wealth into gold, silver and other precious metals”. Do you think those who follow this advice will thank you when all their wealth is in a form that is oh so easy to confiscate? It has happened before and will happen again.

    I’d say put your wealth into land, canned food and shotguns.

    1. I agree with the shot guns and canned food, but you can’t hide land, and the fact is you never own it anyway. Not to mention if they are going to confiscate, does it matter what they target? At least with precious metals, like the guns and canned food, you have a tool to aid you in the fight.

      1. You are so right Henry! No American ever owns any land in this country! The moment you are unable to pay the taxes, they are ready to swoop in like a turkey buzzard on a dead squirrel. When they come to confiscate land, precious metals, food and other goods, they will kill those they take these things from. For several decades, the government has made sure no one can own land, grow their food and be self-sustaining.

  4. My parents were living during FDR’s gold confiscation, however, I have every piece of gold my parents and their parents had in those times. Even back then people resisted. Not everyone was duped into giving up their gold. Why would anyone give the govt their gold even under penalty? My dad said he buried his gold and silver in his garden for more than 5 years. Who in their right mind would willingly give up their gold? Only sheeple are dumb enough for that.

  5. Bernanke’s zero percent interest rate and skyrocketing inflation on food and energy(both commodities hyperinflated by Goldman and friends) FORCED the unwilling into their stock market to keep their savings from being ravaged by inflation, the hallmark of Rothschild currencies. One look at a chart of the Consumer Price Index from the mid 1800’s thru 1913(the year of the Federal Reserve’s creation) shows it was flat. There was no inflation while the U.S. had no Rothschild central bank. The U.S. currency issued in 1913 has lost 95% of its issue value. That 95% has all been transferred to the vaults of Goldman and friends. That is our money in their vaults. That is who the NYPD protects when it criminally assaults Constitutionally-protected protestors. Take away the civil option and what do you have left?

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