6 thoughts on “FBI Releases photos and video of suspects

  1. I doubt these two idiots are the ones. The guy with the white backpack doesn’t appear to have anything round in it. Unless they make pressure cookers in some other shape other than round.

  2. So the elite know that we know that Mossad and the Zionists and members or our own government did it. So now they are going along with the idea of the video footage but trying to twist it by giving video footage of the wrong guy or some guy who has absolutely nothing to do with it in order to try and water it down and for the masses. A red herring to cover for the Israeli Mossad agents. These Zionist bastards need to be hanged bigtime!

  3. The FBI spokesman said “dont look at any pictures except the ones we show you” that is almost word for word….What about the pictures Alex Jones showed in his breaking news of the navy seals etc? AJ put these people in a difficult position and now they are running scared with more lies than I have ever heard.

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