2 thoughts on “Feds Are Shutting Down The U.S. Food Supply

  1. Sadly,

    A lot of talk with no real solutions. Again .50 cal Al and his goon squad refuses to say, “Oil your guns and square away your ammo!, war is right around the corner!” .50 cal Al again just strokes along the gobble de gook for ratings and to sell his Iodine. Another Hollywood production piece that would make even Charlie Sheen envious.

  2. This is a good opportunity to share something I have found interesting about the California drought. (HAARP? maybe, dunno). The link below will direct you to a website that show snowpack/water content for the Sierras. North, Central and South. Norther Sierras are only 7% of normal, and by next week that will be ZERO percent of normal. South and Central are not far behind. But here is the kicker. There is a calendar near the bottom left hand corner that lets you see past dates of snowpack conditions. Check out last year at this time, and check out 2012 at this time. And what is interesting, is how much I hear in mainstream media that 2014 drought is not as bad as 2013. Look for yourself. And, the chance of it getting worse next winter is high which will be the end of California as we know it. Something to think about.
    Please check it out yourself, its mind boggling. IMO, Northern will be completely dry before end of April, and Central/South will be dry by mid May.
    Rivers will dry up immediately and California still has almost 6 months before even a hope of snow. And remember, there were forest fires galore last year, and this year it is 4-5 times worse. Good bye California, and hello to skyrocketing food prices.

    p.s. I have noticed the link above sometimes doesnt work. Simply save the link for later. Seems they get glitches frequently. Its worth the info tho.

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