FEMA Regions 2 & 3 Kill Switch Test? East Coast Internet Traffic Goes Dark

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Internet traffic across much of the East Coast went down on Saturday after a switch supposedly failed. From Brooklyn to Philadelphia, internet users were unable to access the internet or had extremely slow internet speeds. Was this another internet kill switch test? Much of FEMA Regions 2 & 3 were affected by this outage. Only two months ago, Google, Nasdaq, Amazon & Microsoft all went down or suffered major glitches within two weeks as shared in the video below; what are TPTB preparing for?  

Internet users from Brooklyn to Philadelphia suffered slow to nonexistent service Saturday after equipment at a New York-area network hub broke down, disrupting service for several hours.

A spokesman for the Internet service provider Level 3 Communications Inc. said technicians were working quickly to fix the outage, which cascaded down to customers using Cablevision Systems Corp.’s Optimum service and Time Warner Cable Inc., among others.

spokesman for the Internet service provider said technicians were still working to figure out the cause of the outage, which cascaded down to customers using Cablevision Systems Corp.’s CVC -0.45% Optimum service and Time Warner Cable Inc., TWC -0.36% among others.

Level 3 carries Internet traffic for large corporations and other Internet service providers, which puts it in control of a major swath of the Internet’s backbone. The company scored a high-profile contract over the summer when it unseated AT&T Inc. T +0.49% as the service provider for Starbucks Corp.’s SBUX +0.73% more than 7,000 U.S. stores, part of a partnership with Google Inc.

It wasn’t immediately clear Saturday why traffic from cable subscribers in New York and New Jersey wasn’t rerouted around Level 3. Customers reported some sites like Facebook and Twitter were unavailable, while other Web addresses reached subscribers smoothly.


One thought on “FEMA Regions 2 & 3 Kill Switch Test? East Coast Internet Traffic Goes Dark

  1. Told you yesterday it was all a part of their drill. So obvious. They are trying to slowdown and make our communications obsolete over time, rather than take them out entirely at once. It’s the same old Communist game of slowly chipping away at everything rather than all at once. Wake up, sheeple! (I’m referring to any newbies on this site, not the veteran posters)

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