Viral Photo: Mt. Rushmore Is Crying

Before It’s News – by Live Free or Die

The viral photo below shows Mt. Rushmore on the first day that it reopened after the US government shutdown courtesy of Tea Party Command Center. The photograph IS NOT photoshopped according to the person who had taken it. Is this another sign of the ‘end of America’? Our founding fathers wouldn’t possibly be happy about what has happened to America.   

Right Wing News says: “UNBELIEVABLE: Obama Says Americans Aren’t Allowed To Look At Mt. Rushmore During Government Shutdown. People have been joking that Obama would cover up Mt. Rushmore, but they didn’t really believe it. Well, when you’re dealing with a President whose contempt for the American people knows no bounds, you never really know how far his temper tantrums will go.”

George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe sure don’t look too happy with Obama. Surprisingly, or not, some Americans actually believe Mt. Rushmore was torn down to pay off the national debt as shown in the video below from YouTube videographer Mark Dice.

Mt. Rushmore reopened for the first time in 2 weeks on Monday morning, we happened to be driving through to Denver and stopped here around 7:30am on Monday. What do you see in this picture?

Megan Ahrens Not what I was expecting for my first time seeing Mt. Rushmore.

Brandon Ahrens Wow, you mean you to tell me this your photo and you did NOT photo shop it? Id put in on! Megan Ahrens Not photo shopped! I was seriously there right when it opened Monday morning, October 14th, and snapped this myself!

3 thoughts on “Viral Photo: Mt. Rushmore Is Crying

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    Actually,.. Instead of appearing to be crying,.. I’m surprised Ol’ George wasn’t puking!!

    JD – US Marines – The US has been Officially Overthrown – please go inform your family and children.

  2. It’s a nice pic and all, but OH PUHLEEZE! These Rushmore presidents have been crying for years and everytime it rains. Just as someone captured in 2006:
    So we’ve been ignoring the “creepy signs of the times…” for years and SHAME ON US for recognizing it when it’s almost too late and blaming the most current President when its’ been some of all of them. We should all be crying at our own stupidity for decades.

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