Fireside Chat Ep. 267 — The Evil Of Holocaust Denial


December 16th, 2022.

Why would anyone deny the single most documented genocide in history? This week, Dennis responds to strong opposition he received from his recent column, If Holocaust Deniers Don’t Go to Hell, There Is No God.

10 thoughts on “Fireside Chat Ep. 267 — The Evil Of Holocaust Denial

  1. It’s amazing. This country caters to something for a foreign group of people that supposedly did or did not happen almost a century ago but cares nothing for their own country’s people and their Bill of Rights that happened over 200 years ago.

  2. Their single most “documented” “genocide” in history goes farther back in history than their undocumented hollow-hoax which they “documented” decades before and after it allegedly happened, but not when it allegedly happened. “6 million Jews in Europe”, written about in their fly shit-speckled rags they call news papers, well before the hollow-hoax and many decades later. 1915-1938. -Renegade Tribune has the video showing 10 newspapers.

    1. that’s true.. 100%.. the crazy thing people can’t grasp or even think about questioning is.. it was 6000000.. not 6000461.. 5947552.. EXACTLY TO THE NUMBER 6000000.. that is as impossible as anything.. I’ve done the math.. ww2 was 6yrs and 1day long. discarding that 1 day.. would be 1million a year. 83333 per month.. 2688 a day 112 an hour 1.86 a minute.. for the ENTIRETY of the war.. NON STOP… rounded up killed and disposed of.. again.. as impossible as anything.. like airplanes.. the Wright brothers flew 100ft in 1903 and by 1915 motorized planes were mass produced and dogfighting over Europe with England France Germany and US all having flying Aces!! i mean what… the F??!!

    2. Here is one of Renegade Tribune’s articles: “This School Assault Is Why White Parents Fought to Keep Segregation”
      This is race baiting and meant to turn American Nationals, one against the other, absolutely.
      If you want a race war, go fight one, but this site is about joining our people regardless of skin pigmentation. We need every goddamn one of us. If they can fraction us with shit like that shit written over on Renegade Tribune, they are taking the Bill of Rights out of the equation, aren’t they?
      Remember, any exception to the Bill of Rights for any reason and it becomes non-absolute. Just like all the exceptions over the years have left us in this hell hole. I’ve got no use for f-king fascism or any ism as any attempt to attack the Bill of Rights as an alternate form of government will not be allowed by the American nationals.
      Don’t promote any more Nazi sites on this American free site. You’re falling for it. If you want to fall for it, fall alone.
      The Bill of Rights is for everyone or no one, because the individual, regardless of skin pigmentation, is the jurisdiction for the Bill of Rights. Exclude one person, you exclude all.
      The corporation needs to stay out of our peoples’ business without exception.

        1. That awful pit I feel in the gut when I realize I fell the wrong way and inadvertently betrayed the cause. What I learned today, I will apply to my freedom mission. The only law I care about is the American Bill of Rights.

          1. Diana, You shouldn’t feel bad. You are highly intelligent and learning as quickly or quicker than anyone I have ever seen.
            Just always remember we want the people centered on the Bill of Rights. The enemy is panicking and wants the people’s attention on anywhere else.
            We did a good job last week with the Bill of Rights and we gained a lot of people. Any time this happens expect them to come with everything that has caused divide among the people and kept their illegal corporation alive will be thrown at us.
            I don’t tell people what to read, but if they will not allow you to comment, I wouldn’t give them the click. If you are allowed to comment, it is real simple to say that if the written unalienable law ratified by the people of December 15, 1791 was being enforced this all would be irrelevant because any implementation with any corporate dictatorial law would result in nothing more than a trip to the common law court, followed by a rope.
            Stay the course.

  3. The thing that got me is that I honestly thought I was doing my part to help expose the lies of the enemy by sourcing the video I had seen several years back. My search took me to that video, and when I got to the site, I didn’t do my due diligence on it! I totally missed the white supremacy stuff there! I feel bad that I contaminated the Trenches, but everything works for good when we are called to the right purpose. I promise I will not make that kind of mistake again. If I do, please forgive me… again. I hope the fall out from that mistake I made yesterday will strengthen the Trenchers even more. I deeply felt the gravity of everything you said with everything you had to throw at it today. I will carry it along with me, and use it for ammo in our fight to uphold, preserve and enforce the best freedom law ever written, The American Bill of Rights, 1791, of, by and for We, the People.

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