First Americans. Differences In Skull Shapes of the Humanoidic Species

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Further evidence and proof found here:
human genome project.
Understanding the 3 different diverse humanoidic species on plannet Earth.

The Minoans were Caucasian: DNA debunks longstanding theory that Europe’s first advanced culture was from Africa…

Anthropologist Archaeologist and Geneticist all agree Soultreans( sometimes referd to as ethnic Japhethites) were the first North Americans.

Archaeologist and RNA specialist also agree North America broke off the side of Europe, and that South America broke off of the side of Africa.

The RNA of the plants in North America are related to the RNA plant species found in Europe, not Asia.

The RNA found in plants in South America are the closest related to RNA in plant life found in Western Africa.

Japhethite =(edited for political correctness)
Shemite =Asian
Hamite =African

North America broke off of the side of Europe.
South America broke off of the side of Africa.

Racial attacks on global minorities map:
Map #1…
Map #2…
Map #3…

Population of the world with dark skin =23%.
Population of the world with brown skin =70%
Population of the world with fair skin =7%
Who is the minority on planet Earth after all?

What we need is a real civil rights movement who stands up for the right’s of the global minority.

Real-Anti-Racist-Action RARA: End racism – Fight Anti-Japhetism!

Video’s exposing all truth. Esp for the Believers

3 thoughts on “First Americans. Differences In Skull Shapes of the Humanoidic Species

  1. I don’t know about the continents coming apart. It’s a possibility.
    I know the Jews running the Smithsonian ain’t telling anyone the truth. Typical.
    They can’t and won’t explain the Olmecs.
    Here are some pics of the Olmec colossal heads.

    If those big stone heads don’t depict brothers from Africa, I’ll eat my left boot.
    And how the heck did they get to South America, anyways?
    Here’s some pics of America’s Stonehenge.

    Some folks say that it’s a fake. But if it’s a fake then it’s a pretty darn good one. And why would anybody want to fake such a thing anyways?

      1. Hey Koyote.
        Thanks for sharing that video.
        Very interesting.
        There’s a lot to think about in that one.

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